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Weekend – January 10-11, 2009

Gifted athletes abound. Lance J. proves that he does indeed know squat, and Jeff W., Trevor B., Tod C. and Amy D. seem very excited about their synchronized Turkish get-ups.
lance-ohs group-tgu-and-smiles
Welcome to MetamorPHitness, version 3.0 (you may have briefly noticed version 2.0 earlier this week). We have made substantial improvements that we hope will expand, accelerate and generally raise the quality of your training and fitness.

For months, if not years, you have given us the reigns to lead you to the green pastures of strength and conditioning—to health and wellness. We have taught you new movements, introduced the concept of intensity, espoused the virtues of proper nutrition and largely, discoursed on our philosophy to an extent greater than you may have ever wished. With that said, let us introduce the next step: the  “Workout of the Day” (WOD). This workout will be performed by everyone who participates in a personal training session, group session or self-workout session, and it will be posted on this site each day. The vast majority of these workouts will be brand-spanking new. Once again, all will be performing the same workout, and we will post your results to the site daily. Why? Because this gives us greater creative freedom, improved continuity between in-gym and out-of-gym training, more focused skill development—and it gives you daily comparisons with your peers. Each workout will be scaled to individual capacity, with weight adjustments and exercise substitutions made as necessary, or appropriate. Of course, we will continue to work on each of your personal goals during your sessions, and in addition, continue to practice individual skill work each day. There is no substitute for good coaching. Read More

Weekend – January 3-4, 2009

Thanks to Roselena R. for snapping these pictures.

In the summer of 2008, we decided to both improve the quality of our training and join the digital world by designing and creating this website. We hoped to develop a tool to further your physical and nutritional education, and at the very least, provide a place where your schedule was always available. Concerning the latter, our efforts have been rewarded—scheduling is easier and more efficient, which translates into more sessions attended, and ultimately, more progress made. Read More

Weekend – December 27-28, 2008

Happy Holidays…

…and Peace on Earth.
We hope that everyone is having a good holiday, and getting lots of sleep. If you have an opportunity in between holiday celebrations, please read this.

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Weekend – December 13-14, 2008

It’s the end of the semester, and despite the typical, anticipated nonsense of higher education, Melody just had emergency hand surgery (a cautionary tale; take care of your calluses, people). And me, well, a semester of bioethics has left me as misanthropic as ever. We think it’s time to have some fun. So, check the volume on your computer, and then watch the video above. But before you open it, here is some context:

Aimee Anaya is a national champion (2007) Olympic weightlifter. She weighs about 135 pounds; she snatches near 88 kilograms (194 pounds) and clean and jerks over 108 kilograms (238 pounds). Earlier this year, Aimee suffered a back and hip injury that kept her out of the 2008 National Championships. Aimee’s fiancee, Greg Everett, is also featured in the video. He authored and recently released the authority on Olympic weightlifting—Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches. He is also Aimee’s coach.

That part is true. The rest, well—please enjoy.

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Weekend – December 6-7, 2008

Another bone to pick with modern food production: monosodium glutamate (MSG), and its many aliases, may be lurking in your food. MSG is a factory-produced flavor enhancer. It can be found in almost every bottled, bagged, frozen, or otherwise processed food at your local supermarket. Read this, and reference these studies:

“The Induction of Obesity in Rodents by Means of Monosodium Glutamate”

“Brain Lesions, Obesity, and Other Disturbances in Mice Treated With Monosodium Glutamate”

“Effect of Monosodium Glutamate on Some Endocrine Function” Read More

Weekend – November 29-30, 2008

This is Jenn J.—before training (left) and one year into training (right). Prior to beginning her work with us, Jenn completed her first and only (her words) marathon. And if we may digress for one moment, she often shares with us her dismay at the damage marathon training did to her nutrition, physique and body in general. She is 20 pounds lighter in the second photo, and a great deal stronger since leaving long, slow distance behind. Jenn is the perfect example of the large effects of small lifestyle changes. Her success is the result of proper nutrition, strength training (read: intensity) and an active lifestyle—she never sits down. We are very happy with Jenn’s progress and look forward to her continued improvements in the coming year.

–Melody and John

It may seem like we are continually harping on the same points—and we are, so what? Read this latest article on self-myofascial release.

If you could tell a new athlete one thing, what would it be? Post thoughts to comments.

Weekend – November 22-23, 2008

Athlete Profile: Ted K.

Ted’s positive attitude and work ethic are inspiring, and his consistency shows across the board. Since May of 2008, when he began training, he has gone from zero to seven pull-ups, and has increased his strength, power, speed, and coordination markedly. Even with a demanding work schedule and a full family life, he has made the necessary lifestyle changes to provide the optimal environment for health and super-wellness. Not only does he come to the gym on his own to complete the “Workout of the Day”, but he has also committed fully to proper nutrition. We are proud of you, Ted!

Vital Stats

  • 225# max deadlift
  • 7 consecutive pull-ups
  • 1:04 burpee challenge time
  • Recreational tennis player
  • Enjoys the “Workout of the Day”

Let us know if you would like to be featured in a future athlete profile. Look for Jenn J.’s incredible transformation next week…

More from Mark’s Daily Apple: “Ten Primal Meals in 15 Minutes or Less”.

Which new-found “skill” are you most proud of? Is it your body weight back squat, your ability to knock out nose-to-the-ground pushups, or your love of cleans? Don’t be modest—post yours to comments!

Weekend – November 15-16, 2008

Jeff W., flanked by “The Pretty One” and Borja G.
“Most of life is really much simpler than modern medicine and science would like to have you believe. You can have a tremendous impact on how your genes express themselves, simply by providing your cells the right environments. All you need is a basic understanding of how your body works and a simple philosophical roadmap you can use to find answers to just about any questions of health and fitness—whether it involves personal choices or lifestyle adjustments or whether medical intervention might be appropriate. ”

-Mark Sisson, The Primal Blueprint

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