MPH Teens

MPH Teens: Building Foundations For Athletic Performance


Sports typically focus on specificity during practice sessions (learning how to pitch a baseball, for example), but building a solid foundation in functional movements is often missed or undertrained. This deficiency is addressed with CrossFit, or general physical preparedness training. With appropriate CrossFit instruction and progression, and a focus on developing strength through all functional ranges of motion, young athletes have the opportunity to not only improve sport performance, but also to reduce the risk of sports injuries.


  • Teach correct mechanics in basic bodyweight gymnastics (squats, pull-ups, pushups, ring support holds, etc)
  • Learn proper, safe mechanics of functional weight training movements (squats, presses, pulls) with dumbbells, barbells, and odd objects
  • Begin CrossFit conditioning using the above movements, as well as monostructural elements (running, rowing, jump rope)


  • No current series in session, please check back soon!