Borja G. Member Since July 2009

Borja G. Member Since July 2009

I wanted to write a few lines to thank you for all the support you have given me over the last few years in general but, in particular, for the marathon this last Sunday. Personally, running a marathon was a big milestone for me, so I thought the Marine Corps Marathon was a good excuse to share a few lines with you that are probably long overdue.

I think no training could have prepared me physically or mentally more than working out at MPH for the last few years. You have made me reach levels of physical intensity that I was certain I couldn’t get even close to and a mental strength to keep going when I feel that I have not much more to go on that keeps surprising me.

I feel really lucky that, by pure chance, I ended up being part of this great MPH community that you have built. It has given me much more than just the best physical form I’ve ever had. It has given me very good friends.

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