Why Choose CrossFit MPH?

MPH = Movement, People and Health. We pride ourselves on the highest quality CrossFit experience, and one that is just as much a family as it is a gym. Everyone, of every background, is welcome! You will get…

  1. Small athlete to coach ratio & large number of classes each day.
    • You will get lots of personal attention in class. Most of our classes are capped at 12-13 athletes.
    • We offer 7-8 classes every week day, 4 classes on Saturdays and 2 on Sundays! There is a class time option for anyone’s schedule! Check out our class schedule here.
    • You will receive a daily email with a complete “at home” workout, along with a link to sign in to our daily 1pm virtual class (great for travel).
  2. Personal workout customization, progress tracking, and structure.
    • Modifications to your workout to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go! We will also completely update your workout for injuries or limitations.
    • You won’t need to remember your personal records, we track all of them! We also track every single conditioning workout result and modification with our in-house system.
    • Each session: guided general and specific warm-ups, a coached workout, and flexibility or after-work. Take a look at some sample plans here.
  3. Community & gym events.
    • If you are looking to make new friends, this is the place for you!
    • We have 1-2 community events every month, including a monthly happy hour, attendance challenges, special workouts, and group activities.
  4. Qualified, experienced coaching staff.
    • The owner of MPH, Melody Feldman (CF-L4), has worked for CrossFit Home Office for nine years as a member of their L1 and L2 Seminar Staff, and has taught over 200 CrossFit seminars in 15 countries around the world.
    • Our coaches train in an intensive six-month coaching apprentice program before leading classes.
    • Our coaches have a combined 30 years of training experience.

If you are new to CrossFit, please email us: coach@crossfitmph.com or give us a call (202)556-5304 and we will help you get started! If you are a more experienced CrossFit-er looking to transfer to our gym, please try a class!