Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Meghan M. warms-up her power clean.
meghan clean
This workout is long overdue. We had an athlete once named Nadine, whom I affectionately called “Dizz” for no particular reason. Nadine was our first fire-breather, man or woman. She routinely beat(-up) our boys. It was great. Remember, Neil—that 20-minute AMRAP of 10 bodyrows and 10 pushups where she scored 200 reps each, and the next closest guy didn’t make 300 reps total? Not good times, great times.

If you retrace our path to opening MPH, it started years ago during her time with us. See, Nadine was our first athlete to really buy-in to what we were doing at the “Globo Gym,” and her enthusiasm proved to us for the first time that we were on the right path. As she would tell you, Nadine was not a natural athlete. Instead, she would come in and work her ass off—harder than anyone in the room. She trained on her own religiously, following our programming and recommendations exactly. When she finally dialed-in her nutrition, she reaped the rewards in every measurable way. And, when she made it to the Big Time (in a way only you fellow lawyers would understand), we sent her off to Oregon with some very specific guidelines, in search of a real CrossFit affiliate. Recreate Fitness is incredibly lucky to have her.

On top of all this, Nadine is one of the most fantastic human beings you could ever hope to meet—loyal, humble, hilarious. A coach’s dream.

So, to you, Dizz, a workout to challenge your sensitive hands, to play to some strengths, to address some weaknesses. It’s an amazing thing to know that our community extends from “little Church Street” across the country.


five rounds for time:
5x deadlift @ 315/225-lbs.
10x toes-to-bar
15x chest-to-bar pull-up