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  1. Rob | November 30, 2010 at 9:16 pm


  2. Special K | November 30, 2010 at 9:18 pm


  3. coach | November 30, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Check yesterday’s scores. During the 7p, Meghan M. completed 101 front squats at the men’s weight of 115-lbs. She earned herself some sweet bragging rights and a NOTORIOUS t-shirt.

    Well done, Meggers!


    • mchofia | December 1, 2010 at 10:17 am

      and the Janitor cleans up AGAIN!!

      *crowd going wild*

    • Mrs. F | December 1, 2010 at 10:54 am

      Way to go, Meg! Congratulations on getting your T!

    • alex m | December 1, 2010 at 11:13 am

      Fantastic Meg. Awesome job!

  4. mike | November 30, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    Damn, Meg, that’s simpy awesome. That’s the last post I wanted to see before disclosing my meager results.

    Place: Orlando Airport Marriott (aka “my own personal hell”)

    I have bad memories of this hotel, because this is where I got stuck for 4 days during snowpocalypse. You might remember my posts from back then: The only place to eat was Cracker Barrell and Hooters, and my Saturday morning visit to CrossFit Firebase just happened to coincide with Fran.

    Luckily for me, I’m back, and this time with no car, no time to hit the local box even if I had a car, and a steady diet of conference room food. I managed not to eat any cookies today, a minor victory.

    At 8:30, tired from a looooong day of work and gorged on buffet chicken and creamed spinach (the only vegetable available, besides iceberg lettuce), I dragged myself into the hotel’s fitness center. The dumbbells only went up to 50#, and the only pull-up bar was that stupid wide-grip station on the ass-end of a nautilus. I approximated today’s WOD as best I could.

    Shoulder press, 7-7-7-7-7
    100-100-100-100-100 (50# dumbbells)
    This was actually pretty hard, especially the last two sets.

    3 Rounds:
    Max front squat @ 100# (50# dumbbells)
    Max wide-grip strict pullups


    I have no excuse, Meg. I suck. Sure, the dumbbells were unwieldy and uncomfortable in every way, but they were 15 pounds lighter!

    I don’t know what the hell I’m going to deadlift tomorrow. They have a couch in the lobby; maybe I can find some people to sit on it and then pick up the end?

    See you Thursday.

    Mickey Mike

  5. StuLu | November 30, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Wow Meg…I am seriously turned on. That is pretty mind-boggling. O.K., as well as the t-shirt I would like to give you this as an honor: “Crosby is not all that bad.” There, I said it. Enjoy.

    StuLu – I will never utter those words again.

  6. ralphphoto | November 30, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    I have a pair of NEVER WORN Red Inov F-Lite 195 Red Men’s Size 11 for sale for $100.00. My foot is two wide for them and before I return them I wanted Crossfit MPH to have first shot at them. Email me at to discuss.
    I will send back end of week if no takers
    Ralph xoxo

  7. rdavies05 | December 1, 2010 at 8:21 am

    CrossFit Gotham:

    60x back extension
    50x push-up
    40x swing @ 24kg (sub: 16kg)
    30x ring dip (sub: ring push-up)
    20x deadlift @ 225lb (sub: 135lb)
    10x HSPU (sub: feet on chair)
    100x double-under


    Form feedback on deadlift – need to keep closer to legs on way up, and send hips back first thing on way down.


  8. joshm08 | December 1, 2010 at 9:55 am

    Awesome job Meg! And I see that Christy P. got 80 plus reps at the men’s weight. Amazing…

  9. coach | December 1, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Erez Y.: 285-325-340x-340-345-350-355-lbs.
    Alex M.: 225-265-295-315-335-345-355x-lbs.
    Ralph A.: 265-295-315-335-355-375-385-lbs.
    Christy P.: 225-265-295x-295-295-x-x-lbs.
    Tamra F.: 205-255-285-285x-285-285-x-lbs.
    Robbie S.: 195-245-275-295-305x-305x-x-lbs.
    Caitlin S.: 225-245-235-235-215-x-x-lbs.
    Mayra C.: 205-225-215-195-195-x-x-lbs.
    Sean M.: 265-265-265-265-265-265-265-lbs.
    Brian T.: 205-225-245-235-235-x-x-lbs.
    Jen M.: 165-165-155-155-155-x-x-lbs.
    Katie M.: 150-150-150-150-150-150-150-lbs.
    Jon H.: 135-145-155-165-175-x-x-lbs.
    Pete S.: 85-105-115-85-85-x-x-lbs.
    Campbell R.: 135-135-145-145-145-x-x-lbs.
    Ralph B.: 265-275-285-285-275-275-x-lbs.
    Drew P.: 255x-245-255x-250-250-x-x-lbs.
    Teal B.: 255-275-280x-275x-255x-x-x-lbs.
    Roselena R.: 165-185-205-215-205x-165-x-lbs.
    Noland C.: 225-245-245-255-255-255-x-lbs.
    Ross K.: 245-245-245-245-245-245-245-lbs.
    Rachel Z.: 85-85-85-90-90-95-95-lbs.
    Keena S.: 155-155-165-165-165-165-x-lbs.
    Kevin W.: 246-265-280-290-290-x-x-lbs.
    Kris C.: 165-185-165-145-145-x-x-lbs.
    Michael F.: 225-245-245-265-245-x-x-lbs.
    Jen O.: 165-185-205-215-215-x-x-lbs.
    Ryan B.: 135-150-150-155-160-x-x-lbs.
    Larry B.: 185-205-215-225-245-x-x-lbs.
    Jessy C.: 120-130-135x-130-x-x-x-lbs.
    Amy D.: 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7 (sub: max strict bodyrow; 7 rounds)
    Josh O.: 225-325-425-455-x-x-x-lbs.
    Charles H.: 245-305-355x-315-325-335x-x-lbs.
    Rob K.: 245-295-345-365x-355x-x-x-lbs.
    David O.: 245-295-345x-315x-315x-x-x-lbs.
    Bill G.: 295-325-340-355-370x-x-x-lbs.
    Josh M.: 185-225-265-280x-270-275-x-lbs.
    Sidra C.: 185-225-255-275-285-300x-x-lbs.
    Steve D.: 275-325-375x-325-335-345-355-lbs.
    Joe P.: 245-315-355-375-395-405-415x-lbs.
    Jeremy N.: 245-315-345-365-385-405x-405x-lbs.
    Jeff W.: 225-285-315-325x-325x-x-x-lbs.
    Sakar P.: 265-295-315-335-355-375-x-lbs.
    Ivy F.: 225-255-285x-265-275-275-x-lbs.
    Dave R.: 325-345-355-355x-x-x-x-lbs.
    Linda K.: 115-115-115-115-115-115-115-lbs.
    Joseph P.: 325-345-365-385-405x-405x-x-lbs.
    David T.: 175-185-200-200-200-200-200-lbs.
    Matt C.: 175-185-195-195-195-195-195-lbs.
    Jennifer M.: 115-135-135-135-135-135-x-lbs.
    Jesse L.: 105-115-125-135-135-x-x-lbs.
    Christine D.: 95-105-115-125x-120-120-x-lbs.
    Andrew R.: 275-305-335-350-360-370x-365-lbs.
    John G.: 275-290-305-315-325-335x-335-lbs.
    Adam H.: 290-305-315-325-335-x-x-lbs.
    Tod C.: 275-295-310-320-330x-x-x-lbs.
    Angel P.: 205-225-225-240-255-270-x-lbs.
    Anna H.: 205-215-225-235-240x-x-x-lbs.
    JC L.: 175-185-195-195-200-x-x-lbs.
    April H.: 115-125-135-145x-135-x-x-lbs.
    David S.: 265-285-245-285-285-285-x-lbs.
    Wayne C.: 225-245-265-275-285-x-x-lbs.
    Tyler P.: 265x-245-225-225-225-225-x-lbs.
    Sean F.: 225-245-265-285-290-x-x-lbs.
    Chuck D.: 225-245-275-300-305x-x-x-lbs.
    Chad F.: 225-245-265-285-275x-x-x-lbs.
    Ricky B.: 325-335-335-345-355x-x-x-lbs.
    John B.: 315-335-335-345-355-375-x-lbs.
    Jonathan H.: 255-275-285-295-300-x-x-lbs.
    Derek B.: 275-285-285-290-295-x-x-lbs.
    Stuart W.: 255-275-285-290-295x-x-x-lbs.
    Jerry C.: 225-235-250-260-260-265-x-lbs.
    Andrew Y.: 225-255-275-285-285-290-x-lbs.
    Leota B.: 170-185-190-195-200-185-185-lbs.
    Anne M.: 170-185-195-205-220-225x-x-lbs.
    Rajesh N.: 135-150-170-180-180-x-x-lbs.
    Michael S.: 170-185-200-200-200-200-200-lbs.
    Livia S.: 115-115-120-120-120-120-120-lbs.
    Mead O.: 185-205-215-225-225-235-235-lbs.

  10. Anna H. | December 1, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Meg – wow! That is fabulous in every sense of the word.

    I heart deadlifts.


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