Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Does this look like fun?

Congratulations Ashley T., Paulina D. and Marcus M., for completing our Elements Workshop curriculum!

The rise of CrossFit has spawned a range of local and nationwide events, multi-modal adventure races, designed to “test” one’s fitness and general tolerance—to bottomless rhetoric in some cases. This year, some of these events include: RunAmuck (April), Warrior Dash (May), Death Race (June), Metro Dash (July) and Tough Mudder (October).

Last May, a team of MPH athletes traveled to Pennsylvania for the Tough Mudder. This year, with road races, Olympic lifting and powerlifting meets, and CrossFit competitions on the horizon, would you like to add one or some of these events to our list? Let us know if any of these interest you, and we will form a team.

Rest today.

image courtesy of tough mudder