Weekend – November 8-9, 2008

Weekend – November 8-9, 2008



We would like to recognize the three most frequent users of this website: Ted K., David O. and Mike “iheartpullups” S. How do we know this? Because they post their workout results.

These three gentlemen also follow our nutrition recommendations closely, consistently rank among our top performers, and have experienced some of the most significant physiological changes of any of our athletes. Congratulations, boys.

(It is worth noting that Amy D. often has better times than these three fellows, but she trains with us in the gym four times each week, so it is not her fault for not using the site as often.)

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  1. metamorphit | November 9, 2008 at 2:02 am

    It sounds like fun. I will get back to you. Jeff W.


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