seven rounds for time:
5x deadlift @ 275/185-lbs.
15x box jump, 24″ platform

then, for time:
75x pull-up

This workout is scored by both times.

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  1. Team,
    There are workouts that are challenging physically, and then there are workouts that are challenging mentally—can you guess which category today’s is? A huge shout-out to Tamra—this happens to everyone (me too, today). It is an exercise in mental toughness.

    Ted, you also deserve some public recognition. Clearly you have learned how to distance body from mind. Your hands, post pull-ups, prove it.


  2. I appreciate the shout-out, but I regret not being able to get back on the horse today. On the plus side, the bleeding finally stopped.

  3. My timer died. My first time was approximately 38 minutes and my second time was 10 minutes. I did the B workout. Today was more mental than physical. Jeff W.

  4. Ok, team. It’s been a tough day. To be fair, we didn’t expect this kind of carnage when we wrote today’s workout.

    Tamra, Melody and Joe all took falls on the box jumps and racked their respective shins. Tamra was on her way to finishing the workout as prescribed when she got caught in round four on both shins—twice. Melody hit each shin once in the latter rounds and has some calcium formation to prove it, and Joe nailed his right shin in round five. Ted ripped about three to four calluses off of each hand during the pull-ups and did not say one word about it until he was finished.

    We also had 240 late burpees today. And Neil, Mike and Kim didn’t even show up. We’ll see if burpees work as a deterrent for tardiness. If not, maybe we’ll just have everyone do “Fran” every time they’re late.

    Since Tamra led us off today, and Ted and Melody already have workouts named after them, I’m thinking about naming this one after her. Or, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

    I hope by now—about 1p—everyone’s having a good laugh. We’re going to kill any residual, negative energy: fire-up the the incense, feng shui the weight room and maybe sacrifice a small animal to the CrossFit gods (I’ve been eyeing my roommate’s dog for something like this for a while).


  5. –Scores–
    Tamra F.: dnf
    Kris C.: 22:36; 16:03 (125-lbs.; sub: step-up, 2x bodyrow)
    Melody: 19:11; 8:17 (225-lbs.)
    Ted K.: 17:00; 12:46 (225-lbs.)
    David O.: 15:02; 8:34 (225-lbs.; sub: jump/kip pull-up)
    Debbie D.: 17:11; 9:01 (125-lbs.; sub: step-up, 2x bodyrow)
    Joe P.: 16:18; 5:40 (185-lbs.; sub: jump/kip pull-up)
    Amy D.: 14:40; 13:04 (155-lbs.; sub: jump/kip pull-up)
    Roselena R.: 19:38; 11:42 (155-lbs.; sub: step-up, jump/kip pull-up, 3 risers)
    Cari D.: 23:58; 6:18 (155-lbs.; sub: 2x bodyrow)
    Jen M.: 22:34; 6:46 (155-lbs.; sub: step-up, 2x bodyrow)
    Borja G.: 12:20; 13:43 (225-lbs.; sub: 2x bodyrow)

  6. I don’t mind having this one named after me. I do mind that “dnf”- that will haunt me until this one comes back around.

  7. Sorry Coach (and the 7am crew), I have been HOSED at work and had to be there early this morning. But this workout looks awesome, and I plan on doing it tonight.

  8. Sometimes you get workouts named after you in unorthodox ways. There’s nothing wrong with that. The truth is, Tamra was the first person I thought about when we wrote this thing. She is a master of the deadlift, in no uncertain terms. The first time we ever pulled heavy, and with no prior strength training, she easily stood up with 205 pounds. I knew she would be the only woman to grab this as prescribed. Tamra is also bent on mastering the pull-up (and handstand pushup, by the way).

    So, in honor of Tamra and her $#@&!%-up shins, we give you this nightmare of a workout. Who wouldn’t want a workout named after them that literally cripples people?


  9. I can attest to the carnage on Ted’s hands. I don’t think I have seen that many torn calluses on anyone before. You definitely would not have known the extent of the damage from his performance. I had to clinch my hands together when I saw it. YIKES! I thought I was a tough guy, but Ted blew me away today. I hope they heal quickly Ted.


  10. 3 rounds as Rx’d and 4 rounds @ 225: 17:44

    75 pullups: 4:40

    two torn calluses and a sore a**: priceless

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