***Important Announcement***

  1. We are excited to announce that Rebekka “Baykay” Ellman has joined our staff as Assistant Coach. Over the coming months, she will learn a new category of intensity, as we train her to achieve the caliber of coaching you have come to expect from MPH. We strongly believe that her presence, integrity, attitude, passion for CrossFit and attention to detail will propel her to success. We are immensely proud to bring her on the team and further her development as an athlete and coach. Congratulations, Rebekka!
  2. CrossFit MPH will open for business on Monday, July 27, 2009. As an expression of our loyalty and gratitude, we will be training only our founding members during this first week to ease the transition. On Monday, August 3rd, we will open our doors to the general public. On this date, our website will also become public.
  3. Please be thorough when adding your contact information to MINDBODY: home address, email address and phone number (the one we would be most likely to reach you at). Our address books were decimated during the move last week, and it has not been easy recreating them. We would like to (re)generate a master address book via MINDBODY next week after everyone has had a chance to register.

for time:
50x pike-up
10x sit-up
40x pike-up
20x sit-up
30x pike-up
30x sit-up
20x pike-up
40x sit-up
10x pike-up
50x sit-up

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  1. I had a chance to check out the Mind/Body site. It looks nice and is easy to get around. Thanks Melody and Rebecca. If I can do it, anyone can.

    I did have one question:

    You asked us to provide contact information including phone numbers. When I created my account, I was not prompted to fill in phone numbers. After reading more on the MPH site, I tried to edit my account to add phone numbers. Though, I could see where telephone information could be included, I could not pull up the space to add my numbers. What am I doing wrong?



    1. Amy –

      I had to go back to ‘my account’ and then ‘edit my account’ to get the phone info added. Maybe that will work for you too.


  2. Go BayKay! Good luck – coaching is very rewarding – and you learn a lot about yourself too 🙂

    Sorry I missed the info session – but i’m excited about next week!


  3. Amy – If you click on “Edit Your Account” on the page where it shows your information (My Info tab, My Contact Info subtab), it will bring you to a screen where you can add your phone numbers. Then you just click “Update” when you’re done.

  4. Hi…Quick question about membership: How are next week’s group classes being charged? Given there is only one week left in July, would we be charged the $249 monthly fee or will you prorate it? I realize next week’s training is reserved for founding members but it wasn’t clear if we are being charged or not. Thanks.

    1. According to the announcement above (paragraph 4), founding members will gladly pay tomorrow (i.e., as soon as the system can accept credit card payments, which it can’t do now) for a hamburger (group workout) today (next week). It looks like, just as soon as the system is able to accept credit cards, a general announcement to this effect will be posted to the website and we who reserved spots the week of July 27 will be charged whatever monthly fee we select with the start of our monthly billing cycle backdated to July 27. If we don’t pay for one of the group options by the close of the fifth day after the announcement that MPH is ready to accept payments is posted, we will be billed for sessions completed and any future sessions we reserved will be canceled. I think its a pretty elegant solution to the current system limitation.

    2. Thanks for asking this question on the post, Cari.

      I updated the #4 after your earlier email—which Ted dutifully pointed out. Thanks!


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