Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

amy squat clean
What a weekend.

We have some amazing news. Melody traveled to Boston, MA this weekend, where she took and passed CrossFit’s Level 2 Instructor/Trainer Certification.

When this test date was announced back in August, we signed her up immediately, but admittedly, we kept it close to the vest. Since then, Melody has been tirelessly practicing and preparing for this event—an event that is notoriously difficult and carries an extraordinarily low pass rate.

Within the worldwide CrossFit community, there are approximately 1500 affiliates and literally, thousands of certified Level 1 Instructors. There are, however, less than 300 certified Level 2 Instructors (there is no third level). With her outstanding effort, Melody has joined an elite group within our coaching community at large—welcome to the club!

Melody’s exam, a three-hour practical, involved teaching a group of seven strangers three of the nine foundational movements These movements were chosen at random, and she taught the overhead squat, medicine ball clean and push press. For each movement, Melody was allowed 10 minutes to make each and every athlete as accomplished as possible. She was evaluated against six criteria: teaching the movements, seeing the movements, correcting the movements, presence and attitude, managing a group, and demonstration of the movements.

All coaches are not created equal. Knowing this, we take great pride at MPH in bringing you the best instruction and guidance possible. Period. What distinguishes great coaches from the rest is accepting and overcoming the difference between knowing the mechanics and aesthetics of movement, and effectively communicating those aspects in a manner that keeps an athlete safe while making them better. Melody exemplifies these qualities more than any other I have met.

Congratulations, Mel. We are so tremendously proud of you. You are a great coach.


for time:
2000m row

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