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The votes are in: “Hard. Fast. No cuddling afterward.” is our new t-shirt tag. 53 athletes voted, and the breakdown looked like this:

Congratulations John S., for suggesting the winning tag (even if it wasn’t his creation).

We are switching apparel vendors, so stay tuned for updates on the shirts’ arrival. Thank you again to everyone who participated!

back squat

then, two rounds; rest amply between rounds:
max weighted pushup @ 45/25-lbs.

Compare all results to September 26, 2009.

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  1. I can’t, in good conscience, reap the rewards of this when all I did was point out how appropriate a tag line that John created and posted was. I propose that I give up late burpee immunity in exchange for one of the following, subject to Coach’s choice:

    1) “chivalrous burpees” – which means that female athletes get late burpee immunity if the cause is a male athlete being late


    2) a t-shirt with the new tag.


    1. John,

      First of all, congratulations on winning the T-shirt slogan contest. I am very impressed by your post above, which is more evidence of what a class act you are. I know I don’t get a vote on your proposal, but if I did, I would vote for number 1.

      Nice job!


  2. –Scores–
    Mike D.: 185-205x-185-185-185-lbs., 15, 13 (25-lbs.)
    Tamra F.: 155-155-155-155-155-lbs., 11, 12 (sub: incline pushup)
    Ralph A.: 185-195-205-215-215-lbs., 20, 16 (25-lbs.)
    Ted K.: 135-135-135-135-135-lbs., 11, 16
    Amy D.: 125-125-125-125-125x-lbs., 7, 7
    Borja G.: 225-235x-235-245-255-lbs., 14, 13
    Alex M.: 185-195x-175-175-175-lbs., 8, 10 (25-lbs.)
    Sean M.: 275-275-285-285-295-lbs., 12, 9
    Neil A.: 215-225-225-225-225-lbs., 20, 17
    Austin W.: 215-225-235x-235-235-lbs., 19, 17
    David O.: 225-235-245-245-255-lbs., 21, 20
    Rob K.: 205-215-215-225-225x-lbs., 23, 23
    Sidra C.: 155-165-175-175-175-lbs., 5, 4
    Mayra C.: 115-125-135x-135-125-lbs., 16, 19
    Ravi S.: 155-165-165-165-155-lbs., 15, 15 (25-lbs.)
    Mike S.: 205-205-205-205-205-lbs., 25, 25 (25-lbs.)
    Jessica H.: 125-125-130-130-130-lbs., 7, 7
    Jen M.: 115-115-115-115-115-lbs., 17, 10 (bodyweight)
    Joe P.: 315-315-315-315-315-lbs., 25, 21
    Jenn J.: 135-145-135-135-135-lbs., 7, 10 (sub: incline pushup)
    Glenn C.: 195-205-205-215-225-lbs., 10, 11 (45-lbs.)
    StuLu: 205-215x-195-205-215-lbs., 11, 15 (45-lbs.)
    Koji H.: 125-135x-125-125x-125x-lbs., 32 (bodyweight), 13 (45-lbs.)
    Christine S.: 125-135x-125-125-125-lbs., 7, 11 (25-lbs.)
    Josh O.: 250-265x-265-275-285-lbs., 23, (+9x 100-lbs.), 10 (45-lbs.)
    Thomas M.: 135-145-145-150-150-lbs., 15, 16 (25-lbs.)
    Meghan M.: 225-225-225-225-225-lbs., 24, 16 (25-lbs.)
    Joe F.: 185-185-185-185x-185x-lbs., 24, 20 (45-lbs.)
    Erin H.: 95-105-105-115x-115x-lbs., 13, 8 (25-lbs.)
    Amy S.: 75-75-85-95-95-lbs., 14, 7 (bodyweight)
    Adam H.: 165-175-175-185-185-lbs., 9, 12 (25-lbs.)
    Jeremy N.: 315-325-335-335-335-lbs., 10, 9 (45-lbs.)
    Jonathan H.: 155-155-145-145-145-lbs., 9, 9
    Daniel B.: 105-105-115-125-125-lbs., 5, 5
    Wayne C.: 175-185-195-195-195-lbs., 12, 13
    Jason H.: 165-165-175-175-175-lbs., 11, 8

    1. Quick question – The chart shows a miss on the last squat at 125. Did I not go low enough or was there another problem with form?



  3. GUYS!
    yesterday i whodded w steve liberati of steve’s club in pensauken, nj. we did heavy DL’s 5@75%, 3@85%,1@95% (mofo steve L. went up to 450!). then we did “randy”, 75 pwr snatches @ 75lb. that is a fun wod! for dessert we had a farmer’s walk race with the big KB’s across the parking lot. i feel much shorter today after running with 140something lbs in my hands.
    those of you not familiar w steves club, it is a nonprofit box that helps keep inner city kids outta trouble:

    i stocked up on paleo kits and will bring some back for y’all to sample.
    today i’m off to xfit watertown, CT to see ol’ friends and do the wod. did YOGA (sorry coach) with a friend this am! more to come!

    keep squattin’!

    Steve D

  4. 1. Congrats John! More than your win, your concern for “team” is awesome…I am humbled.

    2. Coming in 4th place has further humbled me. I feel like the Ralph Nader of the t-shirt contest world…always a bridesmaid and never the bride. To the 5 people who voted for me, o.k, to the 4 people besides myself that voted for me, I extend thanks and gratitude for your support.

    3. I am excited about the new t-shirt vendor. Dare I ask: Could it be LuLemon? A nice blended fabric with 20% spandex? If so, I will take 30 of them please.

      1. Yep—except for that first part. Joe thought that you might have to be two feet tall and weigh 350 pounds in order to snatch 460.


    1. That was just bad ass!

      John, These guys look like they are bouncing the bar off their mid section rather than a shrug and bent elbows. Is this yet another form of the snatch? (Ok guys, no wise ass snatch cracks about my question. I am trying to be serious here.) If this is a different form cna you demonstrate it for sometime? Thanks.

      Dave O

      1. They are, Dave. We call it the “catapult”—it’s a somwhat advanced technique for pulling the bar off your hips in either the snatch or clean. I can demo it anytime, but there are some intermediate steps that need to be covered/mastered first.


  5. While I appreciate the vote of confidence Mike, they may be watching this message board. So to them I would like to simply say, ‘sweet lord, please do not eat and or throw me, I apologize for the audacity of my colleague’. Thanks for the video posts, John.

  6. Sorry I had to miss this today, but I’m realizing more and more how important rest is. Great job everyone.

  7. Congratulations Meg and Jeremy for (easily) resetting the gym record for back squats with sub-maximal efforts. I can’t wait to see where you put it on a day of max attempts.


  8. Meghan and Jeremy: It was an honor to be on your team. To be with the best takes me up a notch in my own expectations. You guys rocked little Church St. tonight!

  9. By the by…everyone should take a look at Josh O’s stats on the pushups. He did 9 Pushups with 100lbs on his back!!!! Dude?

    Pretty impressive on the squats as well Josh!

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