Thanksgiving Weekend – November 26 – 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend – November 26 – 29, 2009

***Important Announcement***
MPH will be closed from Thursday, November 26 through Sunday, November 29 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will resume a normal workout schedule on Monday, November 30.

Jessica H. is thankful for a good spot.

Thank you: two important words of courtesy, gratitude. No matter the circumstances—a held door, a kind word, or a life made better—messages of thanks are always meaningful. It is a momentous thing to feel accepted and appreciated, and “thank you” not only satisfies this, but it simply can never be said enough. Not from us, anyway.

We work to send these words or their parallels to you often and with the greatest sincerity. So, it is today, a day whose moniker bears the responsibility of passing along gratitude and tribute, that we thank you, our amazing athletes and friends.

We are so grateful for your presence, for your loyalty and dedication, for the effort you give in every workout and for your innumerable and diverse contributions to our growing community. It is the shared experience of our team—the support and energy and ability on the hard workout floor and through the otherwise ethereal Internet—that makes coaching so incredibly satisfying and worthwhile for us.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Rest—for the next four days. Give your bodies a sufficient chance to recover, take care of your hands and really enjoy this time with friends and family.

A hundred times, thank you.

–Melody, Rebekka and John