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On Post-Workout Response

As coaches, one of our primary objectives is to keep you injury-free while engendering improvement in all 10 areas of physical development. In order to provide you safe and proper care, we encourage you to tell us how you are feeling before, after and in-between workouts. In addition to more subtle feedback, we use your subjective descriptive terms, body language and movement patterns to decide how to accommodate and what to expect from you in each workout. For this reason, it is critical to understand your body’s response to exercise, and define common terms used to describe these responses. The following are not interchangeable:

MPH is an athletic training environment, and one that carries low (not negligible) levels of risk. The demands on your body here are great because these tasks are what your body is designed to accomplish, and because they breed the best and fastest results. In particular, the level of soreness after a workout can be quite substantial, and can sometimes be mistaken for, or simply overstated as, injury. As demonstrated above, the term “injury,” as well as the phrase “I hurt ‘something’,” denote conditions substantially more serious than “soreness,” and the two descriptions cannot and should not be used synonymously. Incidentally, the use of “pain” is most appropriate when coupled with actual injury.

With a more substantial working knowledge of these terms, we hope to arm you with a more precise way to describe how your body responds to exercise. However, the most effective way to communicate is to avoid self-diagnosis (and even medical diagnosis in some cases). Simply, it is important to be thorough in relaying to us exactly how you feel after a workout, and take care to recover properly between training sessions. The more comprehensive your description, the more we can help.

Rest and recover today.

–Melody and John

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  1. Thank you for this fantastic information. I appreciate that you ask us every day how we feel from the previous days’ workouts. It is a subtle reminder to pay attention to our bodies, but also the environment we are training in. I went to a powerlifting seminar a few years ago with Marty Gallagher, who reminded us, even with an empty bar, you need your mind to be as engaged as if it were a max effort lift. You always help us to do that and that in turn keeps us safe and healthy! See you Monday,

  2. Hi Team –

    Our donation box is ready, and this is the first reminder that our food and clothing drive has begun!

    Please don’t forget to bring canned or dry foods, or warm clothes, to MPH tomorrow!

  3. Jen and I just finished watching Food Inc and are now considering buying a deep freezer to store half a grass fed cow. Is there any interest in splitting up a whole cow? If so I might put together a group buy and go out to the farm to get it.


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