Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Congratulations Kyle F., Livia S., Gary C., Andrea R., David S. and Marc B., for completing our Elements Workshop curriculum!

Last week, we graduated seven people from our Elements program. Yesterday, one of our graduates asked, “does anyone ever not graduate?” Unfortunately, a rare few who attempt this introductory course quit before completing it. A minority also do not continue into the main group classes.

This, while unfortunate, is never unavoidable. Not everyone is ready to commit to the challenges we propose, to accept our processes and receive our coaching, or to be supported by, or be supportive of our community. In Elements, we offer just a taste of what MPH is all about. We provide something new to many—real community, and physical hardship. We pack a lot of information into these sessions, covering the squat, deadlift and press progressions, as well as an introducing more complex movements. Then, we top it off with a workout of the structure and intensity—even at the introductory level—that many never considered possible. Finally, students’ commitment extends beyond the gym, including reading assignments, study, and mobility and flexibility practice.

Our Elements program is also an opportunity for us to see what new athletes are all about. For most, this is their first foray into strength and conditioning, and the precision and progression with which we demand movement upon graduation is difficult for some to physically or mentally understand and reproduce. Believe us, we are not relentless because we enjoy it, per se. If someone’s back is not arched in the middle of a deadlift, if someone is not opening his or her hips fully before receiving the bar in the jerk, or if someone is not completely concentrating, he or she is a danger to all. There is real risk in what we do everyday, to say nothing of the camaraderie and vitality essential within our classes and community-at-large.

The effort given in Elements is expanded upon many times over in our regular group classes. New (and experienced) athletes are challenged past their comfort zones, past their pre-conceived notions of self and self limitations. They overcome physical and psychological barriers and finish workouts that they never thought they could. It happens every day.

We are proud to be serious about what we do—our responsibilities as coaches and providers of some of the only legitimate healthcare available. We do not expect perfection; we expect effort. We desire anyone who really wants to be here—who wants to learn, who wants to be fitter and healthier, who wants to accomplish the extraordinary, who wants to be a part of our strong community. Our community takes that hard, less-traveled road. Our community supports each other as each athlete actively chooses to make him or herself better. Our community is strong in mind, and strong in body.

Are you ready to join us?

Rest today.

–Melody, Rebekka and John

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  1. tubameat | January 31, 2010 at 7:28 pm


    i am visiting lovely pensauken, NJ today, home of steve’s club.

    they are the makers of paleo kits; delicious little packets of jerky, nuts and some dried fruit. great paleo snacks! i will be stocking up on them whilst i am here. check out their site and let me know if you want some, ill deliver them to the box for you. feel free to text me at 202-321-3578 with your order. let me know how many and what size.

    keep squattin’!

    steve d


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