Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Congratulations Kate S., for completing our Elements Workshop curriculum!

push press (max attempt)

then, four rounds; rest 30 seconds between rounds:
1′ pull-up
30″ rest
1′ squat + box jump, 20″ platform

In this workout, the clock does not reset or stop between exercises. One point is given for each repetition.

This workout is scored by the total points.

Compare all results to December 1, 2009.


  1. Rob | February 17, 2010 at 6:40 am

    Before it goes off the newsstands, I would like to congratulate Joe for having his restaurant, Westend Bistro, featured on the cover of the Washingtonian magazine. A blurry image of Joe can also be found inside the magazine in the “Great Dates” feature. And I agree, his place is great for a date or for any other occasion. Highly, highly recommended.

    • mworden | February 17, 2010 at 11:08 am

      Yes, go buy a magazine or two. Actually, why not help the print industry (or me) and buy a subscription!

  2. CookingandLifting | February 17, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Thanks for the support Rob. I’ll try to continue to keep you in high quality paleo grub!

  3. coach | February 17, 2010 at 9:36 am

    Ralph A.: 145-150-155-160-165-lbs., 81 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Mike D.: 120-125-130x-130-135-lbs., 128
    Borja G.: 135-140-145-150-150x-lbs., 147
    Tamra F.: 105-110-115x-115-120x-lbs., 110 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Samir M.: 115-120-125-125-130-lbs., 92 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green, step-up)
    Erez Y.: 115-120-125-125-130x-lbs., 110
    Erin K.: 75-85-90-90-90-lbs., 102
    Katie M.: 50-50-50-50-50-lbs., 115 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green, step-up)
    Kristie K.: 60-60-60-60-60-lbs., 97 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green, step-up)
    Paul M.: 75-75-75-75-75-lbs., 80 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
    Kris C.: 65-70-75-75x-70-lbs., 118 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Josh O.: 175-185-195-200-205x-lbs., 116 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Neil A.: 155-165-170x-165-170-lbs., 146
    Jeremy N.: 175-180x-180-185-190-lbs., 119
    Rob K.: 150-155-160x-160-165-lbs., 144
    David O.: 150-155-160-165-170x-lbs., 95
    Robbie S.: 125x-125x-115-120-125-lbs., 86
    Scott D.: 110-115-115-120-120-lbs., 89
    Sidra C.: 105-110-115x-110x-110x-lbs., 92 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Guy F.: 125-135-135-140-140-lbs., 73 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Ivy F.: 95-105-110x-110x-105-lbs., 73
    Caitlin F.: 85-90-95-100-105x-lbs., 136 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
    Ravi S.: 95-105-110-115x-115x-lbs., 105
    Mayra C.: 85x-80-85-90x-90-lbs., 102 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Jessica H.: 85-90x-90x-90x-85-lbs., 136
    Joe P.: 185-195x-195x-190-195x-lbs., 132
    StuLu.: 115-125-135x-130-130-lbs., 84
    Jeff W.: 115-125x-120-125-120-lbs., 81
    Susanna B.: 85-90-95-95-100-lbs., 149 (sub: bodyrow, squat)
    Jessy C.: 70-75-75-80-80x-lbs., 93 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Jonathan H.: 115-125-130-135x-135-lbs., 123
    Jenn J.: 80-80-85-90-90-lbs., 99 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Alan N.: 75-75-75-75-85-lbs., 145
    Lisa C.: 80-85-90-95-100x-lbs, 117 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue, step-up)
    Linda K.: 45-50-50x-45-45-lbs., 116 (sub: bodyrow, step-up)
    David S.: 85-90-95-95-95-lbs., 103 (sub: bodyrow)
    Dave R.: 185-195-200-205x-205x-lbs., 205
    Tod C.: 135-135-135-135-135-lbs., 140 (sub: bodyrow, step-up)
    Steve D.: 155-165-175x-175x-170x-lbs., 152
    Joanna L.: 55-60-65-70x-65-lbs., 143 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Jason H.: 105-115-120x-120x-115-lbs., 173
    David C.: 105-110-115-120-120-lbs., 131 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green, step-up)
    Christy P.: 125-135x-135x-135-135x-lbs., 175
    Thomas M.: 100-105-110-115-115-lbs., 124
    Ricky B.: 135-145-150-155-155x-lbs., 127
    Charles H.: 155-160-165-165-170x-lbs., 131
    Kyle F.: 120-125-130-135-135-lbs., 96 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Roselena R.: 105-120x-105x-105-110-lbs., 104 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Kim H.: 95-105x-100-105-110x-lbs., 145 (sub: bodyrow, step-up)
    Amy S.: 60-65x-60-60-60-lbs., 95 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green, step-up)
    Wayne C.: 120-125-130x-130-130x-lbs., 99
    Sean F.: 95-95-95-100-105x-lbs., 121 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Matt W.: 135-145-155-155x-155x-lbs., 107
    Tyler P.: 95-105-115-115-115-lbs., 117 (sub: bodyrow)
    Antonio G.: 125-135-135-135-135-lbs., 79
    Amy D.: 75-75-75-75-75-lbs., 98
    Mike S.: 160-165-170-175x-175x-lbs., 169
    Meghan M.: 135-140x-140-145x-145-lbs., 120
    Kate S.: 75-75-75-75-75-lbs., 130 (sub: bodyrow)
    Jen M.: 95-100-105x-105x-100-lbs., 94 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Leota B.: 60-65x-60-65-70x-lbs., 89 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green, bodyrow)
    Daniel B.: 95-105-115-115-115-lbs., 104 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue, bodyrow)

    • train2live | February 17, 2010 at 10:58 am


      I thought I PR’d by 3:30 something. Did you have another RX’d Fran time recorded for me. The only other time that I remember being under 10 minutes was at the Globo, but that was with jumping pullups. I could be wrong though.

      Dave O.

      • coach | February 17, 2010 at 11:05 am

        We have a 9:13 down in the scores from one of the “Globo-Fran” efforts with no subs…?


        • train2live | February 17, 2010 at 11:49 am


          Maybe, but I am not sure I would count any of the Globo-Fran efforts because of the pull-ups. My feet, or rather my knees were practiacally dragging on the ground with their pullup bar. There was likely a slightly push-off, particularly in the later rounds. Your call. Thanks for checking.

          Dave O.

  4. coach | February 17, 2010 at 9:45 am


    Thanks for your patience regarding the score postings yesterday—except for the uprising Tink spearheaded via “F-book” (reason number 729 why I don’t have one of those things). But hey, it’s good to know you guys read this stuff.

    So, let’s talk. “Fran” gets a lot of press, which happens to be the reason for our “Fran” rule. I’ve spent an inappropriate amount of time trying to figure out how this happens, because she is just one measure of what we do and why we do it. But, yesterday, at about 7p, I decided to stop fighting it. “Fran” is just fun. It’s short, it hurts and most importantly, it gets everyone worked up (take it away, T). This is the idea, after all—work hard and have fun. And nothing rallies the troops quite like this lovely lady does.

    Yesterday, Paul, Marc, David S., Susanna, Kristie, Livia, Samir, Mike D., Stu W., Jeremy, Sean M., Sean F., Lee, Amy S., Sue, Koji, Erin H., Joe F., Adam C., Thomas, Michelle, Travis, Kyle, Daniel, Leota, Jason, Antonio, Joanna, Gary, Adam H. and Tod all met “Fran” for the first time. Let me be the first to tell you, she’s already looking forward to your second date.

    Almost everyone who had seen “Fran” before saw incredible improvements, and here are some notable efforts:

    Christy: PR’d by 14 seconds
    Ravi: PR’d by six minutes, 27 seconds; 20-lbs. heavier yesterday and no band for pull-ups (green last time)
    Neil: PR’d by two minutes, 21 seconds
    Rob: PR’d by 56 seconds
    Josh: PR’d by one minute, 30 seconds; 30-lbs. heavier yesterday and a red band for pull-ups (green last time)
    Dave O.: PR’d by 51 seconds
    Jessica: PR’d by seven minutes, 20 seconds; no band for pull-ups yesterday (red last time)
    Dave R.: “Fran’d” twice yesterday and was nine seconds faster the second time
    Joe P.: PR’d by one minute, 23 seconds; no band for pull-ups yesterday (green last time)
    Steve: PR’d by seven seconds
    Tamra: PR’d by eight minutes, 14 seconds; blue band for pull-ups yesterday (green last time)
    Meghan: PR’d by one minute, six seconds
    Mayra: PR’d by 2 minutes, 46 seconds; red band for pull-ups yesterday (blue last time)
    Jenn J.: PR’d by four minutes, four seconds; blue band for pull-ups yesterday (green last time)
    Roselena: PR’d by one minute, 13 seconds; red band for pull-ups yesterday (blue last time)
    Sidra: PR’d by three minutes, 55 seconds; red band for pull-ups yesterday (green last time)
    StuLu: PR’d by four minutes, 39 seconds

    I know it’s not always easy to find (this isn’t exactly a continually success-oriented environment), but your efforts are paying off, which just one look at yesterday’s comparisons will yell at you. You are building real strength here, both in mind and body. We see it all the time, but that’s the benefit of distance and objectivity. Keep up the good, hard work.

    As for our “Fran” rule, I’m ready to kill it. Aren’t you? Nothing goes away on its own, though, so let me tell you how this will end: StuLu breaks 10 minutes. You will conquer your fear, my friend, and there are almost 100 people who will help.

    Great job, everyone.

    (There, Neil. You happy now? Go Myface about that.)


    • tbferg | February 17, 2010 at 10:05 am

      That’s what she said! Happy, John?
      – T

    • TinkWants2GetStronger | February 17, 2010 at 10:23 am

      Congrats everyone!…one of the best things about Fran is that she just makes me want to beat her down! She’s that kinda lady!

      (@MPH God: I updated my stats on FB 🙂 all happy now!)

      • coach | February 17, 2010 at 11:09 am

        Whoa-boy. A little violent, Tink, no?

        The opinions expressed by Neil are not necessarily those of MPH, its coaches or its athletes…


  5. jeremynurse | February 17, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Stu, You PR’d by 4:39?????

    I am humbled by you!!

    Congrats sir, can’t wait to see how far under 10 you get next time…

  6. roselenaramirez1 | February 17, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Second Paleo Potluck. Come to my home and share some good Paleo Recipes and enjoy some!
    When: Saturday, Feb 27th, 7:00 PM
    Where: Send me a email at if you want to go, and I will send you my address.

  7. StuLu | February 17, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    So much talk, even a day later, about “that girl” from yesterday. She is a special one indeed.

    It is a StuLu tradition that I always write a poem for the girls who have broken my heart over the years..crumpled pieces of paper I keep in shoebox…reminding me of moments that could not be prolonged. Like the stunning receptionist at the Shreveport Holiday Inn some years ago, these ladies are beautifully preserved in my closet, never to age again.

    As such, for the first time in years, I wrote another. This time to “that girl” yesterday who broke me down and left me prostrate on the floor with only the LuLu Lemon I was wearing on my back. I wrote this for her. And for next time.

    (This just might be the first poem ever written about a WOD. Another MPH breakthrough!)


    Outside your door is the same familiar chill
    With steamy windows that tell me, again, that the bed is unmade
    Everything I see through your eyes.
    Like your mantle clock which never lies.
    Or lets me leave before the stroke of 10 –
    So that I can open my hands, at last, to set the sand free

    It’s not that I want you to love me.
    It’s only that I want to let go.
    Like the old factory worker – in the quicksand of times tide;
    Knowing that “this” will never change unless accepting a burst of pain.
    He wants to leave early – to punch the clock just a second before:
    At 9:59.

    You are my Delilah.
    And in the bucket you gather my tears
    Sweet Delilah.
    My passion accepts the fear.
    So I am unable to leave
    As you weave a snippet of hair.

    The clock is silent, but it moves nonetheless.
    Each second tears at my strength.
    My heart pumps blood at breakneck speed.
    And as the minutes pass I tremble, only now the sound of our breath.
    Delilah, once again, I am still with you, unable:
    At 9:59.

    Solace of the fool – that next time will be different.
    Surely, next time will come?
    Until then my stomach churns with thoughts of our embrace.
    Everything will be the same. Really, nothing does change.
    Only the clock on your mantle. Coaxing our rotation to the sun.
    And the handcuffs and empty bucket in the space where I once was.

    • Rob | February 17, 2010 at 7:51 pm

      StuLu: well said!

    • tbferg | February 17, 2010 at 9:46 pm

      Well said, StuLu. A touch creepy, but well said.


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