Thursday, February 25, 2010


  1. coach | February 24, 2010 at 9:08 pm


    Great job yesterday. Many personal bests were achieved and, more importantly, your technique and back position are getting stronger each time out. If you missed the end of yesterday’s comments, please get there and have a look. Two notes come to mind:

    1. This Saturday, Roselena is hosting the second Paleo Potluck at her home here in town. Details were included in yesterday’s discussion.

    2. Yesterday, we championed the “300 Club” and welcomed Ivy and Christy into that group. However, we didn’t anticipate the addition of Matt to the “400 Club” last night. One of our original “Globo Gym” athletes, Matt was the first of our group to squat over 300 pounds, and he is now the first original/non football-playing athlete to pull 400 pounds. Great job, Matt.

    Today is going to be fun and a great chance to go as fast as you can—just 10 short sprints.


    • daviesag | February 25, 2010 at 9:40 am


      After experiencing the workout this morning, I am very concerned about your definition of fun. I thought this was a killer. Those were the longest short sprints I have ever experienced.

      This workout confirms my opinion that crew must be the most horrendous sport in which to participate. It is hard to appreciate just how difficult it is when watching a boat skim lightly over the water.

      Erin – You and all other rowers rock (or are rocks, I’m not sure). This made track workouts look like a walk in the park.


  2. jwood30 | February 25, 2010 at 12:12 am

    Ivy and Christy, welcome to the 300 club! Matt it’s good to have you back! 400 pounds is awesome! JW

  3. StuLu | February 25, 2010 at 12:31 am


    I have a tendency to think that when I am away all of the best workouts seem to appear as if there are WOD Gods that are conspiring against my pectoral bliss. Then I remember the words of a Barista at Starbucks some years ago when I hastily complained that the incorrect cup I picked up was in fact a Cappuccino; “It’s not all about you slick boy” was her response.

    Indeed. What I am learning when I am away is the reality that ALL of the WODS are wonderful…you just miss them so much when traveling that you scream conspiracy as you are forced to either use crap equipment in the hotel, suffer the pain of a lonely hour in a corporate gym where people flex in the locker room and grunt in accents from the embroiled nation of Testosterone, spend an hour driving around looking for a gym with a rower (which I will do tomorrow), or simply throw your arms to the air in resignation as you click the remote to see what new movies have come to Spectravision (wink wink).

    My only complaint with MPH is that I have become so spoiled by our team, togetherness, and the support that I feel each day that I am somewhat lost now when alone and trying to keep up from a distance. I skip to my workouts at MPH (not really…but I do walk briskly) while I crawl and whine to anything involving anything related to working out when traveling.

    The hardest part for me out here in the wilds is that when away from my sanctuary of kick-ass it does become “all about me” and, sadly, I am clearly not enough.

    So, for the first time StuLu asks a question: How do you all motivate and get the oompah oompah invigorate in your loins to get er’ done in a lesser world of little?

    I thank you for your time and remain,

    StuLu- The Gangsta of WOD.

    P.S. Ivy…I am so happy for you…you work hard for these moments and I found myself jumping in the air and cheering for you today when I read the news…all while wearing a fine hotel issue Frette bathrobe with absolutely nothing on underneath.

  4. Mrs. Finkenstadt | February 25, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Thanks StuLu, for the congratulations, if not the mental image 🙂
    Way to go Christy and Matt!

    As for the motivation, StuLu, it may be that where you are traveling is so remote and out of touch that there aren’t any crossfit friendly gyms, but my guess is that in some of the larger cities, a little pre-trip investigation could reveal a few options. Otherwise, I think the prospect of posting your score to the site while away is pretty motivating. We want to know what you did and what you had to go through to accomplish it! Also, I think maintaining a feeling of superiority and slight disdain over the other people in the hotel gym/globo gym/corporate gym helps. I’m just kidding about that, but when I read in the WaPo fitness section today about people jiggling a rope as the next great advance to hit fitness, I feel pretty justified in my sense of “fitness self-righteousness.”

    • meghanmcnally | February 25, 2010 at 8:40 am

      funny about the rope stuff… i actually tried it at a crossfit affiliate in sarasota, fl once (which shared space with a physical therapy office… very strange. i spent most of my time o-lifting while 80 and 90 year old hip replacement patients were walking around using their walkers and canes).

      yeah, the ropes were weird and strange but really difficult! they are really heavy and not easy to hold on to, let alone move around for several minutes at a time. i looked ridiculous.

  5. coach | February 25, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Borja G.: 0:05.0 (0:45.9, 0:50.9)
    Erin K.: 0:07.1 (0:52.3, 0:59.4)
    Ralph A.: 0:06.7 (0:48.3, 0:55.0)
    Derek B.: 0:02.0 (0:53.2, 0:55.2)
    Marc B.: 0:04.2 (0:46.8, 0:51.0)
    Christine S.: 0:02.9 (1:09.4, 1:12.3)
    Kristie K.: 0:05.0 (1:00.0, 1:05.0)
    Paul M.: 0:02.6 (0:52.2, 0:54.8)
    Erez Y.: 0:02.7 (0:52.1, 0:54.8)
    Amy D.: 0:07.3 (0:56.9, 1:04.2)
    Lynsey H.: 0:04.6 (1:03.2, 1:07.8)
    Neil A.: 0:06.9 (0:47.4, 0:54.3)
    David O.: 0:07.6 (0:44.3, 0:51.9)
    Scott D.: 0:10.5 (0:51.4, 1:01.9)
    Sean M.: 0:15.1 (0:52.6, 1:07.7; 7 rounds)
    Kate S.: 0:07.6 (0:59.4, 1:07.0)
    Mayra C.: 0:05.4 (1:04.0, 1:09.4)
    Ravi S.: 0:05.3 (0:51.8, 0:57.1)
    Sidra C.: 0:07.3 (0:57.6, 1:04.9)
    Jen M.: 0:02.5 (0:54.2, 0:56.7)
    Katie M.: 0:04.9 (1:00.4, 1:05.3)
    Joe P.: 0:03.5 (0:41.8, 0:45.3)
    Susanna B.: 0:03.4 (1:01.7, 1:05.1)
    Ted K.: 0:12.8 (0:53.2, 1:06.0)
    Josh O.: 0:06.9 (0:46.2, 0:53.1)
    Dave R.: 0:04.2 (0:42.1, 0:46.3)
    Linda K.: 0:13.6 (1:01.6, 1:15.2)
    Adam H.: 0:02.7 (0:44.6, 0:47.3)
    Glenn C.: 0:03.4 (0:47.5, 0:50.9)
    David S.: 0:05.2 (0:52.3, 0:57.5)
    Wanda K.: 0:04.4 (1:03.1, 1:07.5; 7 rounds)
    Christy P.: 0:06.1 (0:51.0, 0:57.1)
    Joe F.: 0:03.2 (0:50.9, 0:54.1)
    Kris C.: 0:06.6 (0:58.7, 1:05.3)
    Lee P.: 0:04.0 (0:59.4, 1:03.4)
    Thomas M.: 0:03.9 (0:48.4, 0:52.3)
    Jason H.: 0:05.3 (0:48.4, 0:53.7)
    Charles H.: 0:05.3 (0:47.6, 0:52.9)
    Antonio G.: 0:08.3 (0:44.5, 0:52.8)
    Stuart W.: 0:09.7 (0:50.7, 1:00.4)
    Matt W.: 0:06.2 (0:50.1, 0:56.3)
    David C.: 0:04.7 (0:51.9, 0:56.6)
    Tyler P.: 0:01.5 (0:54.8, 0:56.3; 7 rounds)
    Charlotte H.: 0:05.6 (0:57.8, 1:03.4; 7 rounds)
    Amy S.: 0:01.9 (0:58.6, 1:00.5)
    Sean F.: 0:03.5 (0:51.9, 0:55.4)
    Wayne C.: 0:07.1 (0:47.7, 0:54.8)
    Ricky B.: 0:05.7 (0:49.9, 0:55.6)
    Meghan M.: 0:01.3 (0:52.5, 0:53.8)
    Beth S.: 0:02.8 (0:54.1, 0:56.9)
    Sue R.: 0:06.6 (1:04.1, 1:10.7)
    Leota B.: 0:08.0 (1:00.5, 1:08.5; 7 rounds)
    Daniel B.: 0:11.3 (0:47.3, 0:58.6)
    Teal B.: 0:05.2 (0:57.5, 1:02.7)

    • snekulekul | February 26, 2010 at 2:24 am

      00:04 (0:48, 0:52)
      10/10 resistance.
      Do you guys use a resistance setting while doing this? If so would you say it’s fairly universal so I can import the settings you use for these WODs?

      I really hit a wall on this one. I considered taking a DNF lol. #6 killed me. Time jumped from 49 to 52. Rest were 50 though.

      • coach | February 26, 2010 at 6:24 am

        Thanks Luke,

        We set the damper to four for almost everything, including yesterday. With a lower resistance, you’re responsible for more work.


  6. iwearsocksandshoes | February 25, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Man…I wanted to beat Joe’s score – and at first glance I thought I had. But my love for math compels me to point out that the difference between his fastest and slowest times is 0:03.5, one second faster than his posted score. also faster than my score.


    Dave R

    • train2live | February 25, 2010 at 5:33 pm

      Hey Dave, If it is any consolation, I feel your pain brother. There was a time, oh about 2 years ago, when I held the gym record for the 500, 1000 and 2000 meter row time. Then, our friend Joe came along and systematically took all those records from me. I have been trying to get them back ever since. I still secretly try, but most ot the time I resolved to just keep cheering him on to greatness.

      Great work today! Oh, you too Joe!

      Dave O.

  7. ralswang | February 25, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    What a morning. Thank you Borja and Erin. Could not have pushed without you all.
    Great time with 6am family. You all rock!!!
    Ralph xoxo


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