Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As we showcase our sectionals competitors this week in photograph, one consistently understated athlete deserves a few accompanying words.

See, Melody had been waiting for that event since last year. She did not compete in 2009 because we were busy planning our business. And last weekend, she finished in seventh place, despite having one of, if not the worst sleep and recovery schedules of any athlete there, because of the requirements of our young business. Melody works seven days a week, for hours upon end—far past time she physically spends in our little corner of the universe. She sleeps about five hours a night and eats almost every (reheated) meal out of a plastic container. Quality of life? We have long since removed that sentiment from the daily discourse. I could go on, and on. By now, you are well aware of her dedication to your health and wellness, and to making MPH the experience it is each and every day. She does this unfailingly, and under my…judicious eye.

Melody is the original MPH athlete (and the original manslayer). In fact, I took her through a workout only the second time I had ever seen her. After that, she lined up regularly to be pushed well beyond her mental and athletic comfort zones. She incessantly challenged me to hit her with the hardest workout I could write. You should have heard the requests that came out of this fighter’s mouth. “Fight Gone Bad!” and the “Filthy Fifty” are gifts compared to the workouts she implored me to confront her with. Over the years, our coach-athlete dynamic evolved into what it is today. Some of you saw exactly that relationship this past weekend, and, in particular, you saw exactly the commitment I require from her after Sunday’s first workout. If you think I demand excellence from you, spend some time on the sidelines during one of her workouts. You do not know what I can truly ask of my athletes until you witness that.

This year, these competitions—we are just scratching the surface of her potential.

You are, without a doubt, “heavy in your hands,” Lem. And there is no better way to be. Congratulations. I am so proud of you.


overhead squat (max attempt)

then, three rounds; rest amply between rounds:
max strict pull-up

Compare results to January 12, 2010.