Bill G., the encore, with solid pushup technique: tight midline, chest-to-floor, no contact at the thighs or, uh, the hips.

front squat (max attempt)

Compare results to December 28, 2009.

then, for time:
run one mile

Compare results to September 30, 2009.

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  1. I called this one. My Converse have been on back order for a month and I knew they would arrive the day of a timed mile. Naturally.

    1. Fantastic. First order of business: start a Segway Fund. Coaches need it so they can follow along on the runs.

      1. What a hysterical and brilliant idea! I’d probably pay money just to see John ride around Church Street on a segway.

  2. John and BK,
    Is today’s pic just a thinly veiled reminder that my pushups need work?

    I get it, I get it, chest to the floor!

    Have a good Friday : )

  3. Love this pic! That’s real concentration.

    Am I ever grateful for a rest day today. My back is feeling the Deadlift/Clean and Jerk back to back.

  4. Reposting this from yesterday!

    Team MPH!

    To continue the punishment into the weekend and give you all an opportunity to cheat on your paleo love affairs (with that cold domestic beer John speaks of), Robbie and I cordially invite you to what can only be called the Intergalactic Bank Gala! (yes, this is what happens when space geeks and world bank geeks try and come up with a party theme).

    **Summary: come hang out and celebrate being passionate about something… anything… this saturday May 1, >= 8pm at 14th and P.**

    Details and RSVP here:

    (Also consider this my endorsement for the idea of more social events, wherever they are! Tank, etc.)

  5. –Scores–
    Borja G.: 205-215-225-220-x-lbs., 5:32
    Antonio G.: 225-235-235-x-x-lbs., 5:56
    Mike D.: 185-205x-195x-190-x-lbs., 5:25
    Tamra F.: 165-170x-170-x-x-lbs., 7:54
    Samir M.: 165-165-170-175-x-lbs., 8:16
    Paul M.: 155-165x-160-160-x-x-lbs., 5:10
    Kris C.: 125-135-140-x-x-lbs., 6:31
    Ted K.: 135-135-135-135-135-lbs., 6:19 (sub: 1600m row)
    Beth F.: 95-100-100-100-100-lbs., 6:45
    Keena S.: 85-95-90-90-90-lbs., 6:53
    Sara S.: 75-75-75-75-75-lbs., 7:42
    Sean M.: 275-290x-285x-x-x-lbs., 7:12
    Jeremy N.: 255-275x-265x-x-x-lbs., 6:16
    David O.: 215-225x-215x-x-x-lbs., 5:43
    Sidra C.: 170-175x-170-x-x-lbs., 7:09
    Josh M.: 175-180x-180-x-x-lbs., 5:26
    Ravi S.: 165-175x-170x-x-x-lbs., 5:51
    Brian T.: 125-135-135-135-135-lbs., 5:31
    Jen M.: 115-120x-115-105-x-lbs., 6:44
    Jessica H.: 115-120-x-x-x-lbs., 4:59
    Jessy C.: 105-110x-100-x-x-lbs., 6:44
    Leota B.: 95-95-90-90-90-lbs., 7:57
    Katie M.: 90-90-85-85-85-lbs., 6:13
    Neil A.: 225-235x-230x-230-x-lbs., 5:56
    Alex M.: 195-215-220-225x-x-lbs., 5:00
    Jeff W.: 185-195-200-205-x-lbs., 7:13
    John S.: 175-175-175-175-175-lbs., 6:15
    Guy F.: 195-195-195-195-195-lbs., 6:35
    Bill G.: 205-215-225x-x-x-lbs., 6:01
    Roselena R.: 155-165-170x-165-165x-lbs., 8:07
    Mike S.: 175-175-175-175-175-lbs., 5:53 (sub: 1600m row)
    Kevin C.: 145-145-145-150-150-lbs., 5:11
    Johnny A.: 155-155-155-155-155-lbs., 6:38
    Bill S.: 115-115-115-115-115-lbs., 5:46
    Mayra C.: 115-125x-125x-120-120-lbs., 7:15
    Charles H.: 225-225x-225-225-225-lbs., 6:58
    Ricky B.: 185-195-205-210x-210-lbs., 5:23
    Adam C.: 185-205x-195x-195x-x-lbs., 5:29
    Marco M.: 155-155-155-155-155-lbs., 5:18
    Chuck D.: 115-115-115-115-155-lbs., 8:03
    Jerry C.: 115-115-115-115-115-lbs., 8:56
    Syed Q.: 95-105-105-105-105-lbs., 6:36
    Sue R.: 55-60-60-60-60-lbs., 4:29 (sub: 800m run)

  6. I have to share this video. It’s called “The Sub-Ten Club” and it’s about serious CrossFitters. Are you a member of the sub-ten club?


    “I did the 100 reps unbroken..chest to bar.”


  7. Mark’s Daily Apple has had articles the past two days about the importance of and maintaining hip mobility. Thought I would pass along…

    We actually spend a fair amount of time at MPH focusing on mobility (in fact, John specifically mentioned it this morning), and implementing foam-rollering and some of the active mobility drills mentioned in the second article are really helping me overcome a ridiculous lack of hip mobility.

    (Also, on a slightly less serious note… John, look, it’s the obscene foam-roller position AGAIN. )

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