Run: Monday, May 24 – Sunday, July 4, 2010

Run: Monday, May 24 – Sunday, July 4, 2010

Training for the October 31, 35th running of the Marine Corps Marathon begins today! 30 MPH Running athletes have committed to this event and successfully completed their Running Clinics.

Progress toward and victory in fulfilling your marathon goal, be that completion of the event or a new personal best, begins by practicing proper running technique. The six-week skill outline for running development can be found here, and must be completed in advance of commencing any endurance training. No other running or endurance work is to be attempted at this time.

Beginning July 5, we will post three endurance workouts, once each week. Until then, please log the results of your running practice to the comments section of this post.

Video demonstrations of the drills listed in the six-week outline will be posted soon. Until then, please see Rebekka, Jessica or myself for demonstration and clarification. Finally, a metronome is recommended for accuracy during the running portion of each week’s work. We have six Seiko DM50L metronomes for your use when at MPH. Especially if you anticipate completing the majority of your practice sessions elsewhere, we recommend acquiring one from any number of vendors.

Remember, proper running technique and purposeful recovery are the two keys to success throughout training for this event. If you cannot commit the resources necessary to first complete four to six CrossFit workouts each week, and then the prescribed running practice and future endurance training sessions, please see us immediately.