Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Congratulations to Assistant Running Team Coaches Jessica and Rebekka, for completing the CrossFit Endurance Certification last weekend at CrossFit Old Town in Virginia!

Watch this video highlight from the CrossFit vault—the MPH favorite.

three rounds for time:
400m run
21x swing @ 55/35-lbs.
12x pull-up

Compare results to March 12, 2010.

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  1. b-kay | June 28, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Neil A.: 10:50
    Michael H.: 12:27 (35-lbs.; sub: 1x bodyrow)
    Terry H.: 14:46 (35-lbs.)
    Tamra F.: 15:39
    Keena S.: 13:04 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Teal B.: dnf
    Ryan B.: 17:30 (25-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
    Alex M.: 10:04
    Robbie S.: 15:23
    Erin K.: 12:00
    Kris C.: 25:50
    Ted K.: 13:38 (45-lbs.)
    Borja G.: 11:11 (45-lbs.)
    Ravi S.: 13:11 (45-lbs.)
    Ivy F.: 13:57 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Charles H.: 13:03
    Josh M.: 11:52 (25-lbs.; sub: weighted pushup)
    Sean M.: 15:43
    Jen M.: 17:01
    David O.: 13:46
    Jessica H.: 12:20
    Mayra C.: 14:35 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Katie M.: 18:20 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Bill S.: 18:12 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Christine S.: 19:20 (25-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Jim M.: 19:04 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Ralph B.: 19:04 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Drew P.: 17:40 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    John G.: 17:15 (45-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Joe P.: 12:40
    Dave R.: 10:23
    Joseph P.: 15:15 (45-lbs.; sub: 1x bodyrow; 2 rounds)
    Thomas M.: 12:46 (45-lbs.)
    Lisa C.: 17:32 (sub: 400m row, jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Johnny A.: 15:42 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Tod C.: 14:16 (45-lbs.)
    Joe F.: 12:24
    Amy S.: 8:40 (25-lbs.; sub: 200m, jump-stretch pull-up, green; 2 rounds)
    Adam C.: 17:16
    Anna H.: 17:14 (25-lbs.; sub: 1x bodyrow)
    Chuck D.: 14:24 (35-lbs; sub: 1x bodyrow)
    Johnny A.: 15:42 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Christy P.: 8:44
    Tod C.: 14:16 (45-lbs.)
    Joe F.: 12:24
    Amy S.: 8:40 (25-lbs.; sub: 200m, jump-stretch pull-up, green; 2 rounds)
    Adam C.: 17:16
    Anna H.: 17:14 (25-lbs.; sub: 1x bodyrow)
    Chuck D.: 14:24 (35-lbs; sub: 1x bodyrow)
    Lee P.: 20:12 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Wayne C.: 14:42 (25-lbs.)
    Glenn C.: 16:38 (45-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Koji H.: 14:53 (45-lbs.)
    Tyler P.: 18:30 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
    David S.: 16:08 (45-lbs.)
    Jonathan H.: 15:58
    Brent W.: 15:48 (35-lbs.; sub: 1x bodyrow)
    Shana S.: 16:32 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Livia S.: 13:58 (25-lbs.; sub: 200m run, jump-stretch pull-up, green)
    Leota B.: 18:09 (25-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    John B.: 17:08 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Gary C.: 14:24 (35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
    Erez Y.: 14:52
    Antonio G.: 13:48
    Meghan M.: 10:29

    • snekulekul | June 28, 2010 at 3:58 pm

      Luke D.: 14:38 (40lbs)

  2. Mrs. F | June 28, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Congratulations to Tamra for her Rx Helen! And a big Way to Go to Christine- you’re really impressive mama-to-be!

  3. coach | June 28, 2010 at 10:27 am


    I was going to send this to you in an email (yesterday), but it’s worth putting here for as many eyes as possible.

    I’ve been coaching for at least the last five minutes—almost nine years, actually. I’ve seen thousands of workouts and I see hundreds more every week. I’ve never—never—witnessed anyone take coaching and instruction as well as you have recently, during Friday’s rowing workout and yesterday’s running clinic, in particular. Being “coachable” is not easy, because every athlete, myself included, has an opinion and an ego.

    You, however, have a look lately that I wish I could bottle for all of our athletes; a calm focus and a great attitude. I couldn’t really describe it to Mel, B-kay and Jess this past weekend, and I doubt this current attempt is any better. Whatever your approach is, keep it up.

    As a coach, I live for what you’ve given us lately. It’s one of the handful of reasons we’re here at all, and it’s making you better. Thank you.


    • tbferg | June 28, 2010 at 1:33 pm

      Thank you, John. That means a lot to me.

      • erinheartskbs | June 28, 2010 at 2:53 pm

        You inspire us all, T!

  4. K-Lo | June 28, 2010 at 10:46 am

    A big thank you to the 6am group this morning

  5. Rob | June 28, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    So unhappy this came up while I’m out of town. My favorite WOD by far.


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