Congratulations Ryan B., for completing Sunday’s Freedom’s Run marathon with a new personal record!

MPHR Workout #36
8x 30-second effort trial, run all-out

MPHR Workout #37
3x five-minute effort trial, run all-out

MPHR Workout #38
for time:
5k run, at current (<three months) personal record at 10k

MPHR Workout #39
8x 30-second effort trial, run all-out

Compare results to MPHR Workout #36.

Post all dates, scores and completed fouls to comments.

**Unless otherwise noted, each workout demands maximal focus and intensity from the start. That is, beginning with the first interval, or start of a time trial or tempo/stamina workout, you are expected to be at your best and fastest. Getting faster as the workout goes on, as noted by improving interval or split times, will not benefit you and is not in keeping with this program’s aims. “Fouls” are penalties for unsustained efforts and should be avoided by making the ultimate commitment to each undertaking. If you foul, your penalty is to be completed at the conclusion of the endurance workout.

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  1. Workout #36:

    Workout #37:
    5′: .68miles
    5′: .74miles
    5′: .71miles

    Workout #38:

    Workout #39:

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