Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Yesterday, 10 MPH athletes completed the 35th running of the Marine Corps Marathon, fulfilling their commitment and finishing the journey they began in May: Neil A. (4:21:06), Kris C. (4:49:05), Jenn J. (5:42:25), Katie M. (?), Jen M. (4:35:07), Alex M. (3:43:48), Thomas M. (4:02:11), Christy P. (3:58:32), Leota T. (10k, 1:03:57) and Jeff W. (5:40:11).

So, while Jared (of Subway fame) is running 550 miles training for The ING New York City Marathon, our athletes did it on less than 170 programmed miles over five months—most less than 100 completed miles. Katie did not even decide to run until the last minute, and completed the race on CrossFit MPH training alone.

And, thank you to all of the supporters who came out to cheer on our runners!

Congratulations everyone!

power clean

then, for time:
power clean @ 155/105-lbs.
chest-to-bar pull-up
swing @ 55/35-lbs.

Compare all results to January 4, 2010.

workout courtesy of northeast qualifier


  1. Mrs. F | October 31, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    WAY TO GO TEAM MPH! You all are so amazing and inspiring. Sorry I couldn’t be there to cheer you on, but I was very much there in spirit, and you had prayers at not one but TWO church services today (which is where I was during your triumphant victory).

  2. Tink | October 31, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Thanks everyone for the support pre day and for coming out. Thanks especially to John, Jess and BK for all the coaching.

  3. johndouglasbates | October 31, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    Congratulations, to all of the MPH runners! A marathon is such an impressive feat. You all should be proud.

  4. mike | October 31, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Hip hip HOOORAY! You guys are my heroes! Such an incredible achievement!

  5. alex m | October 31, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Many thanks to everyone who came out to cheer us on today. It felt phenomenal to have the support of MPH.

    Thank you to John, Mel, B-Kay and Jess for all of your hard work getting us through the POSE training and WODs over the past months. We couldn’t have done this without you!

  6. tubameat | October 31, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    ahhh, again we bubble over with MPH pride. yet another reason why OUR BOX ROCKS.
    strong work people, strong work.

    keep squattin’

    steve D

  7. T | November 1, 2010 at 8:56 am

    Runners, you guys were amazing! You should all be very proud of yourselves. It was an honor to be part of your team yesterday.

  8. Jenny J. | November 1, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Coaches and Team!

    This time (my second) running the marathon was far superior in every way and I know that is because I now have crossfit, our coaches and my team.

    Looking forward to my 7 pm WOD. 🙂

  9. coach | November 1, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Tamra F.: 120-130x-125x-lbs., dnf
    Ralph A.: 135-145-145-lbs., dnf
    Ted K.: 95-95-95-lbs., dnf
    Kevin W.: 85-85-85-lbs., dnf
    Holmes H.: 85-85-85-lbs., dnf
    Cristian D.: 85-85-95-lbs., dnf
    Ryan B.: 65-65-65-lbs., dnf
    Diana D.: 25-25-30-lbs., dnf
    Mike S.: 170-180-185-lbs., dnf
    David O.: 150-160-165-lbs., 13:54 (115-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
    John B.: 145-155-155-lbs., 12:07 (90-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
    Brian T.: 130-130-130-lbs., 12:26 (80-lbs., 45-lbs.)
    Glenn C.: 130-140x-130x-lbs., dnf
    Josh M.: 130-140-145-lbs., dnf
    Sidra C.: 95-105-95-lbs., dnf
    Caitlin S.: 100-100-100-lbs., 14:37 (75-lbs., sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
    Mayra C.: 65-65-65-lbs., 14:45 (30-lb. dbs; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
    Christine S.: 65-65-65-lbs., 14:18 (25-lb. dbs; sub: bodyrow)
    Joe P.: 185-195-195x-lbs., dnf
    Jeremy N.: 215-230-230-lbs., dnf
    David S.: 130-130-125-lbs., dnf
    Sakar P.: 115-125-135-lbs., dnf
    Ivy F.: 125-135x-125-lbs., dnf
    Ross K.: 65-65-75-lbs., 6:41 (20-lb. dbs; sub: bodyrow; 10-9-8-7)
    Campbell R.: 55-55-65-lbs., 12:40 (35-lbs., 25-lbs., sub: bodyrow)
    Bill S.: 85-95-95-lbs., dnf
    Johnny A.: 115-125-130-lbs., dnf
    Bill G.: 140-150-160-lbs., dnf
    Dave R.: 205-210-215-lbs., dnf
    Steve D.: 175-185-195-lbs., dnf
    Meghan M.: 160-170-175-lbs., dnf
    Joseph P.: 16-170-180-lbs., 15:00 (95-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)
    Leah-Fae C.: 95x-85-75-lbs., 13:57 (65-lbs; sub: pull-up)
    Mark C.: 95-105-105-lbs., dnf
    Annalisa E.: 75-75-75-lbs., dnf
    Lisa C.: 85-90-90-lbs., dnf
    Linda K.: 55-45-55-lbs., dnf
    Tod C.: 125-140-135x-lbs., dnf
    Joe F.: 110-110-120-lbs., 13:02 (95-lbs.; 45-lbs; sub: pull-up)
    Adam C.: 140-160-150-lbs., 14:30 (95-lbs., 45-lbs.)
    Angel P.: 75-85-85-lbs., dnf
    Keena S.: 75-85-85x-lbs., dnf
    Veni M.: 65-65-65-lbs., 8:24 (20-lb. dbs; sub: bodyrow; 10-9-8-7)
    Keith H.: 85-95-105-lbs., 14:41 (25-lb. dbs, 35-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)
    Josh O.: 145-155-165-lbs., dnf
    Jonathan H.: 140-145-150-lbs., dnf
    Wayne C.: 140-145-145-lbs., dnf
    Koji H.: 115-115-115-lbs., dnf
    Sean F.: 105-115-115-lbs., 14:10 (85-lbs., 45-lbs. .; sub: pull-up)
    Stuart W.: 115-125-125-lbs., 14:10 (85-lbs., 45-lbs. .; sub: pull-up)
    Erez Y.: 155-160-160-lbs , 12:07 (115-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: clean pull, single-arm swing, 2x tuck jump)
    Set S.: 60-65-65-lbs., 12:32 (45-lbs., 25-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)
    Rajesh N.: 55-65-70-lbs., 11:33 (20-lb. dbs, 25-lbs; sub: bodyrow)
    Laura D.: 55-55-60-lbs., 12:54 (20-lb. dbs; sub: hang power clean, bodyrow; 10-9-8-7-6-5)
    Katherine C.: 60-60-65-lbs., 13:38 (25-lb. dbs, 25-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
    Noland C.: 55-55-55-lbs., 11:42 (20-lb. dbs; 25-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)
    Ricky B.: 150-160-160-lbs., dnf
    Jeff B.: 85-95-95-lbs., dnf
    Marc H.: 95-95x-85-lbs., dnf
    Jennifer M.: 60-60-60-lbs., dnf
    Leota T.: 85-95x-85x-lbs., dnf
    Leigh T. 95-95-105-lbs., dnf
    David C.: 95-105-105-lbs., 12:21 (sub: hang power clean, 25-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)

    • coach | November 1, 2010 at 11:41 am

      Notes for today:
      –15-mintue time limit
      –dnf scored by last complete round
      –DNF Scores:
      Tamra F.: 6 (95-lbs., sub: pull-up)
      Ralph A.: 6 (95-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Ted K.: 5 (75-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Kevin W.: 5 (65-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Holmes H.: 4 (25-lbs., sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)
      Cristian D.: 3 (55-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)
      Ryan B.: 2 (45-lbs., 25-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
      Diana D.: 3
      Mike S.: 5
      Glenn C.: 6 (95-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Josh M.: 3 (95-lbs.)
      Sidra C.: 5 (35-lb. dbs, sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Joe P.: 7
      Jeremy N.: 5
      David S.: 5 (95-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Sakar P.: 4 (35-lb. db., 35-lbs., sub: clean pull, single-arm power clean, jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Ivy F.: 6 (sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Bill S.: 7 (30-lb. dbs, 35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Johnny A.: 5 (35-lb. dbs, 45-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Bill G.: 4 (95-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Dave R.: 3
      Steve D.: 2
      Meghan M.: 2
      Mark C.: 5 (45-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)
      Annalisa E.: 2 (20-lb. dbs; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Lisa C.: 5 (65-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Linda K.: 5 (20-lb. dbs, 25-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
      Tod C.: 5 (95-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Keena S.: 5 (60-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Angel P.: 7 (25-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Josh O.: 3 (135-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Jonathan H.: 6 (105-lbs., 45-lbs.)
      Wayne C.: 6 (105-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Koji H.: 3 (75-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Ricky B.: 6 (115-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
      Marc H.: 6 (55-lbs., 35-lbs.; sub: bodyrow)
      Jeff B.: 5 (65-lbs., 35-lbs,; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
      Jennifer M.: 2 (20-lb. dbs, 25-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, green)
      Leota T.: 5 (55-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, red)
      Leigh T.: 6 (25-lb. dbs, 35-lbs.; sub: jump-stretch pull-up, blue)

  10. joshm08 | November 1, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Congratulations to all the MPH athletes who completed yesterday’s marathon! I am so inspired by your dedication to training and living up to the principle of finishing what you started…

    on another note, Mel wasn’t joking when she said you have to keep moving to complete this WOD under the 15:00 time limit. being three reps of each excercise away from completion — and avoiding the dreaded DNF — hurts, but offered another teachable moment.

  11. bghent | November 1, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Congrats to all the marathoners. I think you’re all nuts, but in a “proud of you” kind of way. Also, you guys all look really good for just having run 26.2 miles. Did John bring makeup or something or are you just that photogenic? I would’ve needed paramedics on stand by and an oxygen tank, I’m sure. Again, congrats.

  12. Ted | November 1, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Congratulations, Neil,Leota, Kris, Jenn J., Katie M., Jen M., Alex, Thomas, Christy and Jeff! And fantastic coaching John, Melody, Baykay and Jess!

  13. derekb1 | November 3, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Hotel gym substitutes:
    3 rounds max reps @ 20kg (12, 12, 10)
    9:40 (sub 15kg dbs clean, push-ups, 20kg swing)


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