snatch (max attempt)

Compare results to June 9, 2010.

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  1. I’ve gotta say, I really dig the old-school patina on the pics from yesterday and today. Don’t know if its film/shutter speed/effect or what, but its cool.

  2. Agoge CrossFit Woodinville

    5 rounds of 5 4 3 2 1
    hang power cleans (did them at 89 lbs)
    pull up
    push up

    about 20 mins.

    The pull up bar and the barbell were strange and really really messed up my hands. Not just cut up, which would have been expected, but just kinda scraped my skin off.

    Look forward to getting back to big red, now that the pull ups seem to be there.

  3. Crossfit Half-Renovated Gym in the Desert:

    Sub: single-arm snatch + turkish getup
    15 (L,R), 20 (L,R), 25 (L,R), 30 (L,R), 35 (L,R), 40 (L,R), 45 (L,R), 50 (Lx, Rx)

    Probably a good thing I failed on the getups at 50, because that’s the heaviest dumbbell available to me. 35 lbs+ were power snatches; others were squat snatches. 50 may or not have been more of a muscle snatch…

  4. –Scores–
    Erin K.: 35-35-35-35-45-50-50-lbs.
    Ryan B.: 35-40-45-45-45-45-35-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Steve M.: 35-35-35-35-35-35-35-lbs.
    Alex H.: 25-25-25-25-25-25-25-lbs.
    Mayra C.: 25-30-35-40-40-40-40-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Michael F.: 25-30-30-35-35-35-35-lbs.
    Pete S.: 30-30-30-30-30-30-30-lbs.
    Kevin C.: 30-30-30-30-30-30-30-lbs.
    Paul M.: 45-45-55-55-55-60-65-65-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Campbell R.: 30-30-30-30-35-35-35-lbs.
    Noland C.: 55-55-60-65-70-70-75-75-lbs.
    Ralph A.: 85-90-90-95-100-105-105-lbs.
    Erez Y.: 85-90x-85-85-85-85-85-lbs.
    Kris C.: 50-55-60x-55x-45-55x-45-lbs.
    Christine S.: 33-33-38-43-43-43-33-lbs.
    Ted K.: 45-50-50x-45-45-45-45-lbs.
    Rob K.: 105-110-110-115-120-125-130-lbs.
    Josh O.: 110-120-125x-120-120-120-120-lbs.
    Josh M.: 105-115-120-120-120x-120-120-lbs.
    David O.: 95-105-115-120-120-110-110-lbs.
    Brian T.: 85-95-100-100-105-110-110x-lbs.
    Sidra C.: 70-70-70-70-70-70-70-lbs.
    Jeremy N.: 135-165-175-185x-185-185x-165x-lbs.
    Joe P.: 135-140-145x-145x-145-145-145-lbs.
    Ivy F.: 75x-75x-75-80-85-85-85-lbs.
    Jeff W.: 65-75-80-80-85-85-90-90x-lbs.
    Roselena R.: 65-65-75-75-80-80-85x-80x-lbs.
    Amy D.: 40-40-45-50-50-50-50-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    David T.: 35-35-35-35-35-40-40-lbs.
    Dave R.: 170-175-180-185-190-195-200x-lbs.
    Glenn C.: 85-90-90x-90-90-90x-85x-lbs.
    Sean M.: 105-115-120-125-130-130-135-lbs.
    Joe F.: 95-105-115-120-125-125x-110-lbs.
    Adam C.: 95-95-100-105-110-110-115-lbs.
    David S.: 85-85-85-85-90x-90-90-lbs.
    Tod C.: 85-95-100-105-110-110-115-lbs.
    Chad F.: 55-60-65-65-65-70-70-lbs.
    Marco M.: 60-65-65-70-75-80-80-lbs.
    Andrew R.: 55-60-65-70-75-80-85-85-lbs.
    Angel P.: 30-30-30-30-30-30-30-lbs.
    JC L.: 30-30-30-30-30-30-30-lbs.
    Neil A.: 130x-130-132.5-135-137x-137x-137x-lbs.
    Wayne C.: 85-95-105x-105x-102.5-102.5x-102.5
    Jonathan H.: 85-95-105-115x-112.5-112.5-112.5-lbs.
    John B.: 75-85-95-105-110-115x-115-lbs.
    April H.: 20-25-25-25-30-30-35-35x-lbs.
    Jennifer M.: 35-30-30-30-35-35-35-lbs.
    Katherine C.: 30-15-15-25-30-30x-30-lbs.
    Anne M.: 35-35-40-40-35-35-35-lbs.
    Alissa G.: 30-30-30-35-35-35-35-lbs.
    Christine D.: 15-15-15-20-20-20-20-lbs.
    Jerry C.: 53-53-53-53-53-53-53-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Jeff B.: 33-43-48-53-58x-54-54-lbs.
    Leota B.: 33-33-43-43-33-33-33-lbs.
    Anna H.: 33-38-38-43-43-48-48-lbs.
    Diana D.: 20-20-20-20-20-20-20-lbs.
    Bradley D.: 15-15-15-15-15-15-15-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Jen O.: 33-33-38-43-43-48-48-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Veni M.: 15-15-20-20-20-20-20-lbs.
    Ben T.: 15-15-15-15-15-15-15-lbs.
    Cristian D.: 33-33-33-33-33-33-33-lbs.
    Jesse L.: 15-15-15-15-20-20-20-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    John M.: 15-15-15-15-15-15-15-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Meghan M.: 140x-130-135x-135-140-142.5x-142.5-lbs.
    Thomas M.: 75-80-85-85-85-85-85-lbs.
    Chuck D.: 85-95-105-115-120-120-120-lbs.
    Keith H.: 60-65-75-85-95-95-95-lbs.
    Antonio G.: 65-65-70-70-75-75-80-lbs.

  5. Hey guys. I’m a local crossfitter and the race director for Cupid’s Undie Run, a 1.5 mile charity underwear run in DC on Valentine’s weekend benefiting the Children’s Tumor Foundation. We had over 500 runners last year (including some of you from MPH) and I would absolutely love if everyone from Crossfit MPH joined in for the fun and the fundraising this year.

    Particularly, this year I am throwing down the Cupid’s Crossfit Challenge – a competition to see which local Crossfit affiliate can fundraise the most. Kinda like Fight Gone Bad or Barbells for Boobs, but on a local level and with less clothing!

    Everything you need to know is at Please be aware that slots are limited to 500 runners and we are already half-way full in 3 weeks of registration being open. Don’t miss out on the fun.

    To summarize: paleo/zone-approved alcohol consumption (or is it?), partial nudity to show off our awesome Crossfit progress, charitable giving to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, a chance for your box to dominate over other local Crossfit affiliates, and a short easy fun run around the nation’s capital with a bunch of other whackjobs. Good times!

    Event website:
    Cupid’s Crossfit Challenge:

    See ya in your skivvies,

  6. YES for Cupid’s Undie Run!!! A bunch of us did this last year and it was so FUN!! StuLu dressed as a “heart-on”, Steve D. wore red tighties and we were the ONLY crossfit gym there. We gotta represent this year again. Boo-yahhhh!

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