Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scene from the inaugural Running Team workout, January 8: John B. and Ryan B.

Congratulations Sofia J., Julie G., Sam S. and Jigar S., for completing our Elements Workshop curriculum!

Our new Skill & Recovery classes are held on Thursday mornings at 7a and 8a, as well as the first and third Sunday of each month at 8a and 9a, and they are included in every MPH membership. Those athletes who have participated in our CrossFit workouts four to six days each week, for approximately six months are encouraged to attend these classes.

Each class is centered on improving technical proficiency and cultivating skills in gymnastics, body weight or weight lifting movements commonly (or uncommonly) seen in the Workout of the Day. Each session also includes a mobility component, to assist both performance and recovery between workouts.

Rest today.

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