Wednesday, March 16, 2011


  1. T | March 16, 2011 at 3:46 am

    The WOD is up:

    Fears realized re a skill weakness for me.

  2. rdavies05 | March 16, 2011 at 8:15 am


    12:10 (5 rounds instead of 3, 18″ bench for sls)

    Also, I’m ashamed of my ignorance, but I don’t know what a lateral burpee is, so I did normal burpees instead.

  3. sidc | March 16, 2011 at 10:38 am

    If people are around on Saturday it would be really fun to have a cheering squad for the games workout. I unfortunately won’t be here this Saturday but please come cheer if you can sometime in the next six Saturdays 🙂


  4. T | March 16, 2011 at 11:31 am

    shoulder press

    88-99x(on 3; I almost had it)-88

    For conditioning, I worked on my DUs in preparation for Saturday. 30 minutes practice, culminating in 5 rounds of 30:


    Interesting trend.

  5. b-kay | March 16, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Joe P.: 155-170x-160x-lbs., 7:32
    Mike R.: 135-140x-130-lbs., 8:28
    Kevin C.: 125-130x-120-lbs., 7:28 (35-lbs. dbs)
    Jeff W.: 105-105-105-lbs., 9:57 (40-lb. dbs)
    John R.: 95-115-105-lbs., 5:55 (30-lb. dbs)
    Johnny A.: 85-85-85-lbs., 7:49 (30-lb. dbs)
    Christy P.: 102.5-102.5-102.5x-lbs., 5:34 (40-lb. dbs)
    Roselena R.: 65-75x-70x-lbs., 9:40 (2 rounds)
    Ivy F.: 80-85-88x-lbs., 8:12
    Keena S.: 35-35-35-lbs., 1:55 (20-lb. dbs; sub: no hang power clean; 2 rounds)
    Paulina D.: 35-35-35-lbs., 4:10 (15-lb. dbs; 2 rounds)
    Livia S.: 45-45-45-lbs., 4:10 (15-lb. dbs; 2 rounds)
    Set S.: 50-55-55x-lbs., 8:32 (20-lb. dbs)
    David O.: 105-110-115-lbs., 9:06 (45-lb. dbs)
    Mike S.: 140-145-150x-lbs., 7:40
    Rob K.: 115-125-130x-lbs., 5:58 (40-lb. dbs)
    Bill G.: 125-135-140-lbs., 6:37 (45-lb. dbs)
    Brian T.: 105-115-120x-lbs., 8:47 (45-lb. dbs)
    Josh M.: 95-100x-95-lbs., 6:48 (40-lb. dbs)
    Matt H.: 95-95-95-lbs., 5:55 (30-lb. dbs; sub: no hang power clean)
    Caitlin S.: 75-80-80-lbs., 4:33 (20-lb. dbs; sub: squat)
    Keith W.: 75-75-75-lbs., 7:48 (25-lb. dbs)
    Marcus M.: 75-75-75-lbs., 4:11 (20-lb. dbs; 2 rounds)
    Pete S.: 70-80-80-lbs., 9:13 (25-lb. dbs)
    Mayra C.: 60-65-70-lbs., 9:01 (30-lb. dbs)
    Diana D.: 50-50-55-lbs., 8:22 (20-lb. dbs)
    Julie G.: 50-50-50-lbs., 7:19 (15-lb. dbs)
    Jeff B.: 75-75-75-lbs., 3:57 (30-lb. dbs; sub: no hang power clean)
    Charlie S.: 6:50 (25-lb. db.; sub: 10x weighted lunge + 45″ v-hold, 5 sets, squat, lunge, sit-up)
    Dave R.: 140-142.5-145-lbs., 7:32
    Joseph P.: 155-155x-145x-lbs., 9:00 (40-lb. dbs; 2 rounds)
    Sakar P.: 115-115-115-lbs., 10:59 (45-lb. dbs)
    Mark C.: 135-145x-135-lbs., dnf
    Ysbrant M.: 130-140-140-lbs., 4:50 (30-lb. dbs)
    Martin G.: 110-120-125-lbs., 9:23 (25-lb. dbs)
    Borja G.: 115-120-120-lbs., 8:06 (45-lb. dbs)
    Michael F.: 115-120-120-lbs., 8:42 (35-lb. dbs)
    Derek B.: 115-120-125-lbs., 7:42 (45-lb. dbs)
    Larry B.: 125-130-135-lbs., 7:45 (35-lb. dbs)
    Alex H.: 110-115-120-lbs., 8:38 (40-lb. dbs)
    Alex M.: 100-100-100-lbs., 11:30 (45-lb. dbs)
    Jeff T.: 85-90-90-lbs., 9:23 (30-lb. dbs)
    Steve M.: 85-90-90-lbs., 7:42 (30-lb. dbs)
    Beau R.: 85-85-85-lbs., 8:12 (30-lb. dbs)
    Jen O.: 65-75-80-lbs., 5:46 (20-lb. dbs)
    Jason C.: 65-65-65-lbs., 8:24 (25-lb. dbs)
    Jon H.: 65-75-75-lbs., 8:30 (30-lb. dbs)
    Jessy C.: 55-60-60-lbs., 6:37 (25-lb. dbs)
    Sofia J.: 45-55-55-lbs., 5:25 (15-lb. dbs)
    Andrew R.: 130-135-140-lbs., 11:02 (45-lb. dbs)
    Wayne C.: 105-105-108x-lbs., 8:28 (30-lb. dbs)
    Cristian D.: 105-108-110x-lbs., 8:28 (35-lb. dbs)
    Sean F.: 95-105x-100-lbs., 8:34 (35-lb. dbs)
    Tyson S.: 125-135-140-lbs., 5:37 (30-lb. dbs)
    David S.: 115-117-118-lbs., 12:05 (45-lb. dbs)
    Thomas M.: 95-100-105x-lbs., 11:10 (40-lb. dbs)
    JC L.: 95-95-95-lbs., 8:45 (30-lb. dbs)
    Kris C.: 63-65x-60-lbs., 5:53 (25-lb. dbs)
    Jung S.: 40-45x-40-lbs., 5:02 (15-lb. dbs)
    Kirsten P.: 55-60-60-lbs., 6:17 (15-lb. dbs)
    Eva Y.: 25-25-30-lbs., 6:25 (10-lb. plate; sub: sit-up; 2 rounds)
    April H.: 12:02, 7:05 (20-lb. dbs; sub: 10x weighted lunge + max v-hold, 5 sets, sit-up, deadlift)
    Jesse L.: 100-110-110-lbs., 8:48 (30-lb. dbs)
    Anna H.: 70-75-75-lbs., 11:03 (25-lb. dbs)
    Jenn J.: 60-60-60-lbs., 8:32 (20-lb. dbs)
    Katherine C.: 62-65x-60-lbs., 6:58 (25-lb. dbs)
    Jennifer M.: 50-50x-45-lbs., 5:33 (20-lb. dbs)
    Josh O.: 162-167-170x-lbs., 7:37 (sub: behind-the-last shoulder press)
    John B.: 135-138-138-lbs., 7:13 (45-lb. dbs)
    Lee P.: 115-115-115-lbs., 11:02 (35-lb. dbs)
    Bradley D.: 120-130-130-lbs., 9:46 (30-lb. dbs)
    Meghan M.: 102-105x-100-lbs., 7:50 (40-lb. dbs)
    Bobby M.: 95-105-105-lbs., 8:49 (30-lb. dbs; sub: single-dumbbell squat)
    Jerry C.: 100-110-115x-lbs., 10:27 (35-lb. dbs)
    Amy D.: 70-70-70-lbs., 7:26 (25-lb. dbs)
    Anne M.: 70-80x-75x-lbs., 10:06 (20-lb. dbs)
    Scott T.: 65-65-65-lbs., 7:26 (20-lb. dbs)
    Rajesh N.: 85-90-95-lbs., 9:45 (30-lb. dbs; 2 rounds + 15x squat)
    Leota B.: 65-70-73x-lbs., 7:44 (25-lb. dbs)
    Alissa G.: 65-68x-60-lbs., 5:08 (20-lb. dbs; 2 rounds)

  6. Mrs. F | March 16, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Watched Laurie Galassi’s video demo of the Games WOD, and while she got a good score (great double unders!) she would have owed a hell of a lot of POW burpees if she had completed the workout at MPH. Stay positive gang!

  7. charleshuang80 | March 16, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    three rounds for time:
    15x db squat @ 50lbs
    12x db push press
    9x db hang power clean

    Charles H.: 10:00

  8. MEEEEEEEEEP! | March 17, 2011 at 3:29 am

    from my hotel gym in Dubai

    three rounds for time:
    15x db squat @ 25lbs
    12x db push press
    9x db hang power clean

    Somewhere in the 7-8 minute range. Didn’t bring a stopwatch and the clock in the gym didn’t have a second hand or marks on the minutes.

    + double under practice


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