Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

for time:
30x clean and jerk @ 135/95-lbs.

The standard for this workout is ground-to-overhead in two movements. The clean begins at the ground and may be caught in any position—power or squat. Any overhead press or jerk variation is acceptable.

workout courtesy of crossfit.com

then, “Bugaboo
for time:
200x thruster @ 75/55-lbs.

workout courtesy of curesmawod.blogspot.com

Compare all results to December 29, 2009.


  1. stuwags | March 28, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I can’t believe you posted that picture. It could be the most unflattering picture of me, ever. I hope it generates a lot of entertainment for people at the gym 🙂

    • Mrs. F | March 29, 2011 at 3:08 pm

      It’s quintessential Stuwags! Smiling all the way!

  2. b-kay | March 29, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Borja G.: 4:05 (115-lbs.)
    Steve M.: 3:32 (75-lbs.)
    Erez Y.: 5:26 (105-lbs.)
    Sofia J.: 4:00 (25-lb. dbs)
    Alex M.: 4:45 (115-lbs.)
    James C.: 4:02 (30-lbs. dbs)
    Derek B.: 3:08 (105-lbs.)
    Jon H.: 2:55 (65-lbs.)
    Ted K.: 3:43 (85-lbs.)
    Michael F.: 2:48 (95-lbs.)
    Kris C.: 5:53, 17:54 (70-lbs., 45-lbs.)
    Jason C.: 4:02 (25-lb. dbs)
    Ralph A.: 3:22 (95-lbs.)
    Campbell R.: 3:40 (65-lbs.)
    Holmes H.: 4:46 (75-lbs.)
    Josh M.: 4:26 (115-lbs.)
    Pete S.: 3:33 (55-lbs.; sub: push press)
    David S.: 4:49 (105-lbs.)
    Keith W.: 3:05, 6:54 (25-lb. dbs, 20-lb. dbs; sub: 1/4x thruster)
    Jen M.: 4:02 (75-lbs.)
    Krishnan S.: 2:59, 7:00 (20-lb. dbs, 15-lbs.; sub: 1/4x thruster)
    Caitlin S.: 3:13, 5:03 (65-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: 1/2x push press)
    Matt H.: 2:16 (30-lb. dbs)
    Sean M.: 2:45 (sub: 45x squat + 30x pushup)
    Brian J.: 3:08, 13:25 (25-lb. dbs, 20-lb. dbs; sub: 1/2x thruster; sub: 1/2x thruster)
    Jeremy N.: 1:46, 7:38 (95-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: 1/2x thruster)
    Johnny A.: 3:50, 9:58 (75-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: 1/2x thruster)
    Christy P.: 2:37, 14:51
    Drew P.: 4:46 (115-lbs.)
    Joe P.: 3:17
    Diana D.: 4:46 (50-lbs.)
    Mike S.: 4:14
    Noland C.: 3:06, 15:02 (75-lbs., 25-lb. dbs; sub: 1/2x thruster)
    Jeff W.: 5:08 (105-lbs.)
    Teal B.: 5:35 (80-lbs.)
    Ivy F.: 4:38
    Paulina D.: 3:04, 7:35 (15-lb. dbs; sub: 1/4x thruster)
    Dave R.: 2:29
    Steve D.: 3:55
    Sakar P.: 3:40, 7:51 (105-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: 3/8x thruster)
    Ysbrant M.: 1:51, 16:38 (75-lbs., 45-lbs.)
    John M.: 3:55, 10:19 (55-lbs., 20-lb. dbs; sub: 1/4x thruster)
    Phil S.: 5:30 (75-lbs.)
    Lisa C.: 3:57, 15:40 (65-lbs., 45-lbs.; sub: push press)
    Marco M.: 4:51
    Brian T.: 3:31 (115-lbs.)
    Thomas M.: 3:53 (85-lbs.)
    Ben T.: 4:14 (85-lbs.)
    Chad F.: 4:38 (95-lbs.)
    Jung S.: 3:47 (20-lb. dbs)
    Ashley T.: 4:55, 5:29 (25-lb. dbs, 20-lb. dbs; sub: 1/4x thruster)
    Rocio Q.: 4:07, 1:42 (10-lb. plate, 15-lb. db; sub: front squat, 1/8x squat)
    Neil A.: 3:25
    Anna H.: 3:14 (55-lbs.)
    Andrew R.: 5:13 (115-lbs.)
    Alissa G.: 5:13 (65-lbs.)
    Cristian D.: 3:37 (75-lbs.)
    Ross K.: 3:12, 9:09 (95-lbs., 25-lb. dbs)
    Mayra C.: 4:15 (65-lbs.)
    Matt C.: 5:15 (65-lbs.)
    Rufus L.: 2:36, 5:31 (20-lb. db; sub: 50x front squat + 50x sit-up; 25x single-arm thruster)
    Meghan M.: 2:36
    Kevin C.: 5:02 (95-lbs., 55-lbs.)
    Stuart W.: 4:24 (95-lbs.)
    JC L.: 2:40 (25-lb. dbs)
    Wayne C.: 4:48 (95-lbs.)
    Ralph B.: 2:43 (75-lbs.)
    Valentina F.: 3:04, 5:59 (15-lb. dbs, 15-lbs.; sub: 1/4x thruster)
    Leota B.: 5:38 (75-lbs.)
    Leigh T.: 5:15 (95-lbs.)
    Jeff B.: 2:30, 10:40 (65-lbs., 55-lbs.; sub: 1/2x thruster)
    Lee P.: 4:30 (95-lbs)
    Katherine C.: 3:36 (65-lbs., 20-lb. dbs)
    Scott T.: 3:34, 17:30 (25-lb. dbs; 20-lb. dbs; sub: 1/2x thruster)

    • b-kay | March 29, 2011 at 11:18 am

      Notes for today:
      –“Grace”: six-minute time limit
      –“Bugaboo”: 18-minute time limit
      –DNF Scores:
      Borja G.: 146/200x thruster
      Steve M.: 175/200x thruster (45-lbs.)
      Erez Y.: 114/200x thruster
      Sofia J.: 90/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Alex M.: 166/200x thruster
      James C.: 132/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Derek B.: 182/200x thruster
      Jon H.: 162/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Ted K.: 117/200x thruster 25-lb. dbs)
      Michael F.: 75/200x thruster (30-lb. dbs)
      Jason C.: 150/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Ralph A.: 130/200x thruster (55-lbs.)
      Rob K.: 25/30x clean and jerk, 115/200x thruster
      Campbell R.: 129/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      David O.: 28/30x clean and jerk, 117/200x thruster
      Holmes H.: 155/200x thruster (45-lbs.)
      Josh M.: 142/200x thruster
      Pete S.: 65/200x thruster (25-lb. dbs)
      David S.: 113/200x thruster (65-lbs.)
      Jen M.: 188/200x thruster (45-lbs.)
      Matt H.: 180/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Roselena R.: 26/30x clean and jerk, 118/200x thruster
      Drew P.: 101/200x thruster
      Joe P.: 155/200x thruster
      Diana D.: 125/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Mike S.: 127/200x thruster
      Jeff W.: 116/200x thruster (30-lb. dbs)
      Teal B.: 130/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Ivy F.: 154/200x thruster
      Dave R.: 162/200x thruster
      Steve D.: 142/200x thruster
      Marco M.: 116/200x thruster
      Brian T.: 119/200x thruster
      Thomas M.: 159/200x thruster (55-lbs.)
      Ben T.: 126/200x thruster (55-lbs.)
      Chad F.: 98/200x thruster (65-lbs.)
      Jung S.: 171/200x thruster (15-lb. dbs)
      Neil A.: 114/200x thruster
      Alissa G.: 124/200x thruster (45-lbs.)
      Andrew R.: 106/200x thruster
      Matt C.: 105/200x thruster (45-lbs.)
      Cristian D.: 156/200x thruster (55-lbs.)
      Mayra C.: 152/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Sidra C.: 27/30x clean and jerk, 159/200x thruster
      Anna H.: 102/200x thruster (20-lbs.)
      Christine S.: 26/30x clean and jerk, 135/200x thruster (65-lbs., 45-lbs.)
      JC L.: 166/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)
      Ralph B.: 130/200x thruster (25-lb. dbs)
      Katherine C.: 179/200x thruster
      Leigh T.: 110//200x thruster (25-lb. dbs)
      Stuart W.: 157/200x thruster (65-lbs.)
      Meghan M.: 192/200x thruster
      Wayne C.: 146/200x thruster (65-lbs.)
      Lee P.: 105/200x thruster (55-lbs.)
      Kevin C.: 118/200x thruster
      Leota B.: 142/200x thruster (20-lb. dbs)

  3. ralphphoto | March 29, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    This is the kind of morning that make me love MPH Crossfit and our coach’s. Thank you John for pushing me to go harder then I thought I could we are lucky to have you all in our lives. Thank you for giving us all so much. Looking forward to seeing all my 6am teammates tomorrow!!!

  4. Teal | March 29, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Agreed. I have no doubt that I’ll hear “jump!” in my dreams tonight. Thanks for the confidence and boost.


  5. Mrs. F | March 29, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Thanks Johnny (even though I know you don’t read the blog) and Paulina for the push to keep going in Bugaboo.

  6. T | April 4, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    for time:
    30x clean and jerk @95-lbs.

    I did this workout almost a week ago, and I can’t find where I wrote down the time. I think it was just over 5 minutes. Surprisingly, the cleans got bad before the jerks.


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