Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

***Important Announcement***
A new MPH Running Clinic is open for general participation on Sunday, May 15 from 8-11a. This one-day group clinic is available in MINDBODY for $99, and includes:

  • The definition of running: history, technique and physics
  • The science of POSE Ⓡ running: perception, body weight application and the gravity concept
  • The application of POSE Ⓡ running: fall, POSE, pull; basic and intermediate drills
  • Video analysis (two filmed sessions over the course of the day)

seven rounds; rest amply between rounds:
max false grip ring pull-up + max ring pull-up*
25x hollow rock

*Your shoulders must make contact with the rings. No contact, no rep. After the first missed false grip ring pull-up, you must stay on the rings and continue the max effort using the ring pull-up.

This workout is scored by the total number of repetitions completed from all seven rounds.

workout inspired by crossfit football


  1. b-kay | May 14, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Neil A.: 43
    Rob K.: 72
    Dave R.: 60
    Valentina F.: 107 (sub: strict bodyrow)
    Bobby M.: 36 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Lisa C.: 37 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Christine S.: 58 (sub: max ring pull-up)
    Sofia J.: 16 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    Steve M.: 45 (sub: max ring pull-up)
    Mark C.: 77 (sub: max strict bodyrow, 30″ plank hold)
    Ryan D.: 59
    Edvard F.: 50
    Josh O.: 61
    Erez Y.: 37
    Jason C.: 45
    Meghan M.: 28
    Josh M.: 89
    Alexis P.: 86 (sub: strict bodyrow)
    Kaisa A.: 60 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Kate R.: 39 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Peter H.: 52 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Sidra C.: 41 (sub: max ring pull-up)
    Johnny A.: 31 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red, 1′ hollow hold)
    Krishnan S.: 24 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Teal B.: 27 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Steve D.: 61 (sub: max strict pull-up)
    Kevin C.: 33
    David S.: 54
    Thomas M.: 37
    Bill G.: 38
    Andrew L.: 71
    JC L.: 34 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Kirsten P.: 23 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Brian J.: 46 (sub: max ring pull-up)
    Bill M.: 46 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Jenn J.: 41 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Chris T.: 35 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue, sit-up; 5 rounds)
    Holmes H.: 20 (sub: max ring pull-up)

  2. T | May 15, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    seven rounds; rest amply between rounds:
    max strict body row w/feet even with shoulders
    25x hollow rock

    44 (subbed situps halfway through, b/c I really didn’t feel like I was doing the hollow rock correctly)


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