Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

DropIn, DropOut

Often, we are asked about drop-in procedures as you, our athletes, travel with a desire to experience other CrossFit gyms. Our advice is plain:

  • Read the affiliate’s website thoroughly; familiarize yourself with their policies and respect them, because you are a guest
  • Call or email the affiliate, inform them of your CrossFit experience and ask if they will host you
  • Arrive early to class, support their community as you would ours, clean up after yourself and thank the coaches for hosting you

Sometimes, we make and own legitimate mistakes with visiting athletes. Other times, we are victims, either in person or online (our Yelp page), because their home facilities have standards and operating modes that are simply different from ours. If you have negative feedback, please speak to us before contacting the affiliate owner directly. Please do not use a public forum like Yelp to express frustration or disappointment—use it for good, not evil. Most affiliate owners are great, hard-working people who deserve an opportunity to run their facility as they see fit, or to have a bad day or make a mistake.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

–Melody, Rebekka and John

hang power clean

Compare results to November 11, 2009.

then, two rounds per leg; rest amply between rounds:
max single-leg squat @ 25-lbs.

then, three rounds; rest amply between rounds:
max pull-up

Compare both results to March 10, 2010.