Monday, October 3, 2011


  1. b-kay | October 3, 2011 at 9:21 am

    Alex M.: 7:14.6 (b)
    Borja G.: 7:21.1 (b)
    Alex H.: 7:30.5 (b)
    Michael F.: 7:33.7 (b)
    Steve M.: 7:28.0 (b)
    Derek B.: 7:34.2 (c)
    Larry B.: 7:56.9 (c)
    Jon H.: 7:54.4 (d)
    Ted K.: 8:00.7 (d)
    Tamra F.: dnf (d)
    Brandon W.: 8:31.4 (g)
    Campbell R.: 8:38.3 (g)
    Kris C.: dnf (g)
    Teal B.: dnf (g)
    Robert W.: dnf (g)
    Glenn C.: dnf (a)
    Dave O.: 7:14.7 (a)
    Rob K.: dnf (a)
    Matthew H.: 7:54.3 (d)
    Cristian D.: 7:53.2 (d)
    Kaisa A.: dnf (d)
    Holmes H.: dnf (d)
    Sidra C.: dnf (e)
    Terry M.: 8:08.6 (e)
    Kirsten P.: 8:16.4 (e)
    Set S.: 8:42.5 (f)
    Julie G.: dnf (f)
    Mike S.: dnf (a)
    Drew P.: dnf (b)
    Josh M.: dnf (b)
    Ralph B.: 7:43.6 (b)
    Johnny A.: 7:36.5 (b)
    Jeff W.: 7:56.4 (d)
    Ashley T.: 8:14.4 (d)
    Caitlin S.: dnf (d)
    Rob M.: 7:51.6 (f)
    Jessy C.: 8:42.5 (f)
    Kate R.: dnf (f)
    Dave R.: dnf (a1)
    Keena S.: 8:35.8 (f)
    Michael H.: 8:40.3 (f)
    Pete S.: 8:10.9 (f)
    Kerstin C.: dnf (g)
    Diana D.: dnf (g)
    Christine S.: dnf (g)
    Thomas M.: 7:19.7 (a)
    Brian T.: 7:25.3 (a)
    Chris T.: 7:53.8 (c)
    John G.: 7:26.6 (c)
    Christy P.: 7:46.2 (c)
    Matt C.: 8:03.9 (g)
    Charlotte A.: dnf (g)
    Chris C.: 7:40.0 (b)
    Sean F.: 7:36.1 (b)
    David S.: dnf (b)
    Keith H.: 7:56.2 (c)
    James H.: dnf (c)
    Brad R.: 7:53.6 (c)
    Matthew W.: 7:29 (sub: 2000m run)
    Ben T.: 8:00.0 (c)
    Andrew R.: dnf (b)
    Bill M.: dnf (e)
    Jim D.: 8:05.0 (e)
    Alexis P.: 4:30.7 (sub: 1000m row)
    Charlie D.: 8:09.1 (e)
    Diane N.: dnf (g)
    Lee P.: dnf (g)
    Sonal M.: dnf (g)
    Kathleen K.: 8:56.7 (g)
    Anne M.: 8:44.0 (g)
    Jeff B.: 7:15.4 (b)
    Scott T.: 7:26.3 (b)
    Clint R.: 7:14.1 (b)
    John B.: 6:55.4 (a1)
    Ryan S.: 7:40.0 (b)
    Ty C.: 7:42.1 (b)
    Wayne C.: 7:57.9 (c)
    Brian J.: 7:45.0 (c)
    Jeremy M.: 8:19.0 e)
    Arvin G.: 8:49.8 (e)
    Alissa G.: dnf (e)
    Jerry C.: dnf (e)
    Valentina F.: 9:00.0 (g)
    Peter H.: 8 rounds + 3x pushup (sub: 10x pushup, 5x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue; 9′ amrap)
    Leota B.: 6 rounds +… 3x bodyrow (sub: 10x single-leg burpee, 10x single-leg bodyrow; 9′ amrap)

    • b-kay | October 3, 2011 at 9:21 am

      Notes for today:
      –a1: 7:00 time limit
      –a: 7:30 time limit
      –b: 7:45 time limit
      –c: 8:00 time limit
      –d: 8:15 time limit
      –e: 8:30 time limit
      –f: 8:45 time limit
      –g: 9:00 time limit

  2. T | October 3, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Campbell – great job on crushing your PR this morning!

    • campbell | October 3, 2011 at 11:37 am

      Thank you so much, T. A testament to great coaching and an awesome cheering section. It was great to have you, Borja, Jon and Alex in the background. I love this community.


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