Saturday, April 14, 2012


  1. jwood30 | April 13, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    Love this picture!

  2. Mrs. F | April 14, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Had a bad day on the Jerk: 135, 135x, 125 (for 3); FS: 170,170,170

  3. b-kay | April 14, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Neil A.: 220-225x-225*-lbs., 235-240*-245x-lbs.
    Andrew R.: 205-212x-212*-lbs., 215-222x-210-lbs.
    Matthew C.: 180-185-185*-lbs., 205-215-215*-lbs.
    Yoshi S.: 170-175-175*-lbs., 185-190*-195x-lbs.
    Terry M.: 145x-145-150*-lbs., 185-195-210*-lbs.
    James H.: 145-145*-135-lbs., 185-185*-190x-lbs.
    Sean F.: 135-140*-140x-lbs., 180-185-190*-lbs.
    Joe K.: 125-130-130*-lbs., 160-170-155-lbs.
    Thomas M.: 112x-112x-112-lbs., 160x-150-150-lbs.
    Campbell R.: 110*-115x-115x-lbs., 130-140-145*-lbs.
    Roselena R.: 115-130x-120x-lbs., 130-130-130-lbs.
    Alissa G.: 140*-143x-143x-lbs., 140x-135*-138x-lbs.
    Robert W.: 120-130-130*-lbs., 115-130-140*-lbs. (sub: push press; 3-3-3)
    Mayra C.: 90-95-95*-lbs., 105-110-115-lbs.
    Kirsten P.: 105-110-110*-lbs., 130-140-145*-lbs.
    Lisa C.: 95-105*-115x-lbs. (sub: 10x scapular pushup + 20x tuck jump + 5x strict bodyrow; 7 rounds)
    David S.: 14:36, 15:49 (sub: 10x pushup + 10x strict pull-up; 7 rounds; 400m walking lunge)
    Josh M.: 170-185-190x-lbs. (sub: 10x pushup + 20x tuck jump + 10x strict bodyrow; 7 rounds)
    Holmes H.: 115-115-115*-lbs., 140-145*-150x-lbs.
    Aaron B.: 95-95-95-lbs. (sub: no jerk; front squat; 3-3-3)
    Christine S.: 105*-110x-110x-lbs., 135-140*-143x-lbs.
    Emily N.: 65-65-65*-lbs., 95-100-105*-lbs. (sub: push press; 3-3-3)
    Molly B.: 75-80*-70-lbs., 95-95*-90-lbs. (sub: push press; 3-3-3)
    Keena S.: 95-95*-85-lbs., 120-127-130*-lbs.
    Katie K.: 95-95-95*-lbs., 105-105-105-lbs.
    Julie G.: 80-80-85*-lbs., 95-100*-100x-lbs.
    Arvin G.: 95-105-105*-lbs., 135-150-170*-lbs.
    Jeremy M.: 115-115-115*-lbs., 150-170-185*-lbs. (sub: push press; 3-3-3)
    Carlos A.: 1:00, 1:05, 1:15, 0:50, 0:50, 100-110-120*-lbs. (sub: max plank hold; 5 rounds)
    Nick D.: 75-85-95*-lbs., 65-75-75*-lbs. (sub: push press, 3-3-3, front squat, 3-3-3)
    Bryan K.: 95-95-95*-lbs., 65-65-65-lbs. (sub: push press, 3-3-3, front squat, 3-3-3)
    Joseph P.: 135-165-170-lbs., 225-235-245-lbs. (sub: push press, 3-3-3, front squat)
    Ben H.: 155-160-165*-lbs., 165-170*-155-lbs.
    Tim A.: 210-215x-215x-lbs., 245-260-280-lbs.
    Christy P.: 175-175-180x-lbs., 180-200-215*-lbs.
    Sidra C.: 165*-168x-168x-lbs., 200-207x-185-lbs.
    Tom E.: 145-145-145*-lbs., 150-150*-135-lbs. (sub: push press, 3-3-3, front squat, 3-3-3))
    Dave R.: 250-255*-260x-lbs., 275-290-295*-lbs.
    Borja G.: 185*-190x-190x-lbs., 225x-230*-230x-lbs.
    Mark Co.: 155-160-170-lbs., 220-225-230*-lbs.
    Brian T.: 185x-185-190*-lbs., 200-205x-205*-lbs.
    Michael F.: 170x-170-170*-lbs., 225-235*-240x-lbs.
    Mark C.: 145-150-155*-lbs., 185-175-175-lbs.


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