Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picture re-post from August 27, 2009. In a word, classy.

This week, the MPH community says goodbye to Joe “Chef Diesel” P., a founding athlete, as he heads South to Charleston, SC.

When Joe first started with us at the “Globo Gym” palace, he hated even walking from the squat rack to the pull-up bar—about 75 feet. Defibrillator on hand, once he got to the pull-up rig, it was a triage of substitutions—bands, boxes, aerobics steps and anything else we could use to get the big guy’s chin over the bar. While his lungs still haven’t completely caught up to our requests, by the time we made the move to Church Street his strength and character sure did. It wasn’t long before he established a presence on the Olympic bar (still not the pull-up variety), earning his place as one of the strongest athletes in the gym. Except for Dave R.

Despite the fact that he refuses to give us a shout out on his regular Today Show appearances (1, 2, 3), or that he has the most confounding squat depth we’ve ever seen (three judges at Sectionals in 2010 couldn’t figure it out either), Joe is one of our all-time favorites. The respect he shows for every athlete in the gym makes him great. His “perfect storm” days, when he PRs by tens of pounds after being stuck on a lift for months (or years), are amazing to be part of. Most of all, we will miss the unwavering dedication and loyalty he’s given us over the years, especially these last three.

Safe travels, and good luck in South Carolina!

–Melody, Rebekka and John

With a continuously running clock, establish a two-rep max power clean in 10 minutes.

then, one round:
max strict chin-up

then, as many repetitions as possible in seven minutes:

then, for time:
1.5 mile run

This workout is scored by the heaviest load lifted, the number of strict chin-ups completed, the number of burpees completed, and the time to completion in part four.