Monday, June 11, 2012


  1. The Diesel | June 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    I’ve gotta say it, i don’t think I’ve missed anything ever as much as I’ve missed Crossfit MPH. Hope all is well.

    • coach | June 11, 2012 at 5:19 pm

      Joe, that is so nice! We miss you, too! Hope you have found a new place to do CrossFit in North Carolina, and you know you are always welcome back here, if you are ever in DC for a visit…


  2. b-kay | June 11, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Matthew C.: 95-105-115-lbs., 135-135-145-lbs.
    Bill G.; 120-125-130*-lbs., 235-235-235-lbs. (sub: power snatch, snatch deadlift; 3-3-3)
    Ivy F.: 95-103-108x-lbs., 115-125*-135x-lbs.
    Joe K.: 75x-75-80*-lbs., 90-95-100-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Set S.: 60x-55-55-lbs., 115-115-115-lbs. (sub: snatch deadlift; 3-3-3)
    John E.: 55-55-55-lbs., 75-75-75-lbs. (sub: power snatch, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Derek B.: 125-130-135x-lbs., 125-130-135-lbs.
    Borja G.: 135x-135x-130-lbs., 125-135-145*-lbs.
    Ralph A.: 85x-80-75-lbs., 115-125*-135x-lbs.
    Alex M.: 105-105x-105x-lbs., 105*-115x-105x-lbs.
    Matt H.: 80x-70-70-lbs., 105-115x-105*-lbs.
    Larry B.: 90x-90x-90-lbs., 105*-115x-105x-lbs.
    Tamra F.: 90-95-95x-lbs., 85-95-105*-lbs.
    John G.: 105-105-110-lbs., 105-105-115*-lbs.
    John P.: 75-75-75-lbs., 65-85-100x-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Jason C.: 75-75-80x*-lbs., 65-75-75-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Cristian D.: 85-85-85-lbs., 95-95-95-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Joe T.: 65-65-65-lbs., 105-135-145-lbs. (sub: power snatch, front squat; 3-3-3)
    David O.: 100-100-100-lbs., 65-75-75-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Josh M.: 125-130-130-lbs., 95-95-95*-lbs.
    Rob K.: 130-140-150x-lbs., 135-145x-145*-lbs.
    Sidra C.:105-108-110-lbs., 115*-120x-120x-lbs.
    Glenn C.: 85-85-80-lbs., 95-95-95-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Terry M.: 75-75-70-lbs., 95-95-105-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Holmes H.: 83-85-85-lbs., 75-85-90*-lbs.
    Ted K.: 60-60-60-lbs., 65-75-75-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Ben H.: 115-120*-125-lbs., 45-45-45-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Chap G.: 110-110-115*-lbs., 45-65-65-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Robert W.: 90-90-95*-lbs., 95-125-125-lbs. (sub: power snatch, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Emily N.: 50-50-50-lbs., 75-85-85-lbs. (sub: power snatch, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Mike P.: 55-55-55-lbs., 85-95-105-lbs. (sub: front squat; 3-3-3)
    Drew P.: 155-160-165-lbs., 165-185x-185*-lbs.
    Dave K.: 105-105-115*-lbs., 115-115-115*-lbs.
    Ralph B.: 75-75-80-lbs., 85-95x-90-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Ricky B.: 85-85-95-lbs., 85-95-100-lbs. (sub: power snatch + overhead squat; overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Keena S.: 53-53-58x-lbs., 45-45-45*-lbs.
    Kevin M.: 95-95-95-lbs., 35-45-45*-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Kyle H.: 85-85-85*-lbs., 45-45-45*-lbs. (sub: power snatch + overhead squat)
    Jim C.: 125-135-140x-lbs., 115-125-135*-lbs.
    Andrew R.: 125-130-135x-lbs., 125*-135x-135x-lbs.
    James H.: 110x-110x-110-lbs., 75-85-95*-lbs.
    David S.: 150-155x-150-lbs., 185-195-200-lbs. (sub: clean, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Noreen S.: 30-30-35-lbs.*, 55-55-55-lbs. (sub: front squat; 3-3-3)
    Jen M.: 70x-70*-65-lbs., 65-75-85-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Kathleen K.: 35-40-40*-lbs., 65-65-65-lbs. (sub: front squat; 3-3-3)
    Jeremy N.: 135-135-135-lbs., 135-175x-x-lbs. (sub: muscle snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Chris C.: 190-200-205x-lbs., 225-250-255-lbs. (sub: clean, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Bill M.: 65-75-75-lbs., 45-45-45-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Shawn C.: 75-75-75*-lbs., 75-75-75*-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Leota T.: 55-63*-60-lbs., 65-75x-65-lbs.
    Diane N.: 58-58-60*-lbs., 55-65-75*-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Candida M.: 40-40-40-lbs., 55-65x-60-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Katherine S.: 45-50-50*-lbs., 15-15*-15-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Rocio Q.: 40-40-40-lbs., 35-45-55-lbs. (sub: muscle snatch, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Matthew W.: 125-135-140*-lbs., 95-115-125*-lbs.
    Sean F.: 85-90-90*-lbs., 75-90-105-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Jim D.: 85-95x-85-lbs., 55-65-75*-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Kit H.: 85-85-85*-lbs., 65-65-65-lbs. (sub: front squat; 3-3-3)
    Brett B.: 80-85-85*-lbs., 65-75-85-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Mark L.: 95-100-105*-lbs., 85-115-130-lbs. (sub: clean, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Mark Co.: 100-105x-105-lbs., 75-85-95*-lbs.
    Alissa G.: 78-83-88-lbs., 85-95*-105x-lbs.
    Krishnan S.: 75-80-85*-lbs., 75-85-95x-lbs.
    Arvin G.: 55-65-75-lbs., 65-70-75-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Kaisa A.: 53-63-53-lbs., 75-85-85-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Julie G.: 58-58-58-lbs., 35-45*-45x-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Chris T.: 85-95-95-lbs., 75-85-95*-lbs.
    Nick C.: 55-55-55*-lbs., 45-55-65*-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Nick D.: 55-55-55*-lbs., 45-55-65*-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Bryan K.: 65-70-70*-lbs., 45-55-65-lbs. (sub: power snatch, front squat; 3-3-3)
    Randy F.: 65-70-70-lbs., 55-55-55*-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)


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