Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 rounds for time:
3x weighted pull-up @ 45/30-lbs.
5x strict pull-up
7x pull-up

For the weighted pull-ups, place a 45-pound dumbbell between your legs above crossed ankles, and jettison the dumbbell after the third repetition. Continue with strict pull-ups and then kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going to the ground constitutes termination of a set.

This workout is scored by both the time and number of sets completed.

Compare results to March 30, 2011.

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  1. b-kay | August 8, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Shawn C.: 20:20 (sub: 70x strict pull-up)
    Molly B.: 20:01 (sub: 60x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Terry M.: 26:00 (25-lbs.; 7 rounds)
    Jason C.: 25:00 (7 rounds)
    Josh M.: 25:36 (9 rounds)
    Kaisa A.: 18:46 (sub: 50x strict pull-up)
    Julie G.: 19:55 (sub: 75x jump-stretch strict pull-up)
    Rob K.: 23:26
    Matthew W.: 24:53 (8 rounds)
    John P.: 20:15 (sub: 75x strict pull-up)
    Alissa G.: 21:51 (sub: no weighted pull-up; 6 rounds)
    Erez Y.: 19:54 (8 rounds)
    Shawn J.: 20:14 (sub: 45x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Matthew C.: 24:34 (25-lbs; 6 rounds)
    David O.: 21:58 (sub: no weighted pull-up)
    Joe K.: 21:50 (sub: no weighted pull; 6 rounds)
    Valentina F.: 20:44 (sub: 45x jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    Set S.: 19:54 (sub: 25x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Steve M.: 22:30 (25-lbs.; 5 rounds)
    Ben H.: 20:20 (sub: 70x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Scott T.: 10:45 (sub: 50x strict bodyrow)
    John G.: 20:04 (sub: 65x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Matt H.: 23:35 (sub: no weighted pull-up; 8 rounds)
    Christine S.: 23:52 (6 rounds)
    Borja G.: 24:53 (6 rounds)
    James C.: 23:38 (6 rounds)
    Chap G.: 22:09 (sub: 55x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Jon H.: 23:35 (25-lbs., 6 rounds)
    Robert W.: 17:36 (sub: 55x strict pull-up)
    Larry B.: 19:50 (sub: 65x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Keena S.: 19:35 (sub: 55x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Dave R.: 20:04 (sub: 20x strict pull-up + 60x supine ring row)
    Holden H.: 20:41 (sub: 70x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Andrew R.: 23:06 (5 rounds)
    Jim C.: 19:19
    Brian T.: 21:20 (6 rounds)
    Michael F.: 21:20 (5 rounds)
    Eric M.: 20:34 (25-lbs.; 6 rounds)
    Joseph P.: 19:44 (25-lbs.; 5 rounds)
    Travis O.: 20:08 (sub: 30x strict pull-up)
    John Gr.: 11:44 (sub: 75x strict bodyrow)
    Kevin M.: 21:13 (sub: 50x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    David S.: 21:00 (6 rounds + 14x strict pull-up)
    Spencer S.: 19:20 (sub: no weighted pull-up; 6 rounds + 7x strict pull-up)
    JC L.: 19:48 (sub: 70x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Nick D.: 5:00 (sub: 20x strict bodyrow)
    Ivy F: 19:18 (sub: 40x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Sean F.: 21:09 (30-lbs.; 5 rounds)
    Kit H.: 18:06 (sub: 70x strict pull-up)
    Brett B.: 20:00 (sub: no weighted pull-up; 4 rounds + 21x strict pull-up)
    Candida M.: 20:20 (sub: 22x strict pull-up)
    Jenn J.: 17:13 (sub: 55x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Katherine S.: 14:58 (sub: 50x strict bodyrow + 50x corner)
    Greg F.: 20:50 (sub: 50x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Evan J.: 13:58 (sub: 75x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Peter H.: 21:30 (30-lbs.; 6 rounds)
    Lee P.: 19:01 (sub: 75x jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Randy F.: 20:00 (sub: no weighted pull-up, 1 round + 18x strict pull-up)
    Mark Co.: (30-lbs.; 3 rounds + 25x strict pull-up)


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