Tuesday, September 11, 2012


  1. Rob | September 10, 2012 at 9:03 pm
  2. mrwiggins1 | September 11, 2012 at 7:42 am

    A day of reflection, and with a heavy heart.

    Thank you for the workout coaches.

  3. alex m | September 11, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Sssooo, in my sweaty haze and all the commotion with everyone watching I think I forgot to do the last 15 squats after struggling through my last 10 push ups. Crap. :-/

  4. Mrs. F | September 11, 2012 at 10:15 am

    So many inspiring efforts today. Keep up the great work, MPH.

    • alissa g. | September 11, 2012 at 10:20 am

      Agreed. Tough and inspiring workout. Thanks, everyone.

  5. coach | September 11, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    James C.: 45:53
    Matthew W.: 44:44 (+20-lb. vest)
    Alex M.: 51:05 (-15x squat; +20-lb. vest)
    Christine S.: 48:02
    Derek B.: 49:58
    Jon H.: 46:16 (3/4x)
    Borja G.: 47:41
    Ted K.: 49:34 (sub: 3/4x)
    Sidra C.: 49:22 (sub: 3/4x)
    Matt H.: 49:20 (sub: 3/4x)
    Noreen S.: 41:27 (sub: jumping pull-up, knee pushup; 3/4x)
    Scott T.: 42:53 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    John G.: 46:25 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Emily N.: 43:57 (sub: jumping pull-up, 2/3x run; 1/2x)
    Chap G.: 44:35 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Keena S.: 37:12 (sub: jumping pull-up, 1/2x run; 3/4x)
    Tamra F.: 45:23 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, green, sit-up, single-leg row)
    David O.: 47:19 (sub: 3/4x pull-up)
    Rob K.: 55:55 (+20-lb. vest)
    Neil A.: 55:03
    Bill G.: 42:56
    Jason C.: 47:12
    Terry M.: 38:06 (sub: jumping pull-up, 1/2x pushup; 3/4x)
    Shawn C.: 43:27 (sub: 3/4x)
    Nick D.: 40:20 (sub: 3/4x)
    Cristian D.: 41:48 (sub: 1/2x)
    Keith W.: (sub: 3/4x)
    Holmes H.: 47:45 (sub: 3/4x)
    Kirsten P.: 47:15 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Set S.: 45:31 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Julie G.: 47:20 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Kaisa A.: 25:45 (sub: jumping pull-up, 1/2x row; 1/2x)
    Jeff W.: 55:04
    Matthew C.: 54:50
    Alissa G.: 56:03
    Joe K.: 48:36 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Johnny A.: 50:44 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Shawn J.: 44:24 (sub: jumping pull-up, knee pushup; 1/2x)
    Ivy F.: 52:36 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Greg F.: 34:00 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Ash U.: 32:30 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/4x)
    Ralph B.: 54:20
    Drew P.: 52:18
    Kevin M.: 40:14 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Brian T.: dnf (+20-lb. vest)
    Dave R.: 40:59 (sub: 1/2x push-up)
    John Gr.: 38:57 (sub: jumping pull-up, knee pushup, 2/3x run; 1/2x)
    James H.: 50:45 (sub: 3/4x)
    Jim C.: 46:15 (+20-lb. vest)
    David S.: 52:28 (+20-lb. vest)
    Chris C.: 50:09 (+20-lb. vest)
    Jen M.: 47:07 (sub: 1/2x)
    Steve M.: 44:00 (sub: 3/4x)
    Joseph P.: 49:43 (sub: row, 3/4x)
    Jared S.: 39:27 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Jon A.: 40:22 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Alex M.: 39:27 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Erez Y.: 24:34 (sub: 50x single-arm russian swing, no pull-up, sit-up, squat)
    Spencer S.: 47:28 (sub: 3/4x)
    Danny M.: 39:51 (sub: 3/4x)
    John P.: 44:02 (sub: 3/4x)
    Brett B.: 40:53 (sub: 1/2x)
    Kit H.: 38:53 (sub: row, jumping pull-up, 3/4x)
    JC L.: 36:43 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Jenn J.: 42:52 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Drew B.: 36:04 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Katherine S.: 37:54 (sub: no pull-up, sit-up, no squat, after round 12)
    Wayne C.: 45:56 (sub: no pull-up, sit-up, squat; 3/4x)
    Michael F.: 49:04 (+20-lb. vest)
    Mark Co.: 44:11
    Eric M.: 42:12
    Ty C.: 34:37 (sub: 1/2x)
    Randy F.: 46:12 (sub: 1/2x)
    Jim D.: 47:27 (sub: jumping pull-up, 3/4x)
    Krishnan S.: 36:55 (sub: 1/2x)
    Jeremy M.: 33:58 (sub: jumping pull-up; 3/4x)
    Sofia J.: 43:01 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Mayra C.: 42:08 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Katie M.: 33:45 (sub: jumping pull-up; 1/2x)
    Rocio Q.: 42:12 (sub: 1/2x run, jumping pull-up, knee pushup; 1/2x)
    Joana S.: 39:41 (sub: 1/2x run, jumping pull-up, knee pushup; 1/2x)

    • coach | September 11, 2012 at 8:18 pm

      Notes for today:
      –45-minute time limit (out the door)
      –3/4x, 1/2x and 1/4x scaling excludes run

  6. coach | September 11, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Thank you to all who came in today and completed “Murph”—we had many great moments throughout the classes. If you don’t yet know the history and importance of this workout, please click on the link that Rob posted above.

    Congratulations, also, to Matthew W. and Christine S., for re-setting the men’s and women’s records, respectively! If you haven’t been to our record page lately, please take a look.

    Stretch tonight and rest for tomorrow.


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