Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Picture re-post from May 4, 2011.
Unfortunately (for MPH), Katie M. will soon head West to Seattle, and today is her last day at MPH. The quintessential fire-starter, when she is not punching bears in the throat or sacking hockey players on the opposing team, she can always be found raising a ruckus having a great time at MPH. Katie, you will be sorely missed.

Safe travels, and good luck!

–Rebekka and Melody

two-position power snatch

Compare results to February 8, 2013.

then, “Strawberry Blondes Have More Fun
for time:
800m run +

Complete 10 intervals of 15 seconds of max pushups followed by 45 seconds of rest.

+ for time:
800m run

This workout is scored by the time to completion of each 800m run, as well as the total pushups completed from all 10 intervals.