for time:
150x wall ball @ 20/14-lbs., 10-ft. target

Compare results to November 15, 2011.

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  1. Crossfit Committed Prague,
    Thursday: 3 rounds for time in 26:01
    800 m run
    50 good mornings at 65lbs
    50 sit-ups

    Friday: 5 rounds for time in 13:07
    5 single arm thruster left arm (55lbs)
    5 single arm thruster right arm (55lbs)
    15 swings (55lbs)
    At the beginning of every round a descending ladder of double unders (50-40-…-10)

  2. Sleeveless Sat beach OTB
    Partner workout:

    40 butpees
    100m partner carry
    60 lunges
    100m sprint

    13:55 w the groom

  3. –Scores–
    Cole M.: 8:22
    John P.: 7:48
    Lisa C.: 8:16 (10-lbs.)
    Mark Co.: 10:00
    Ralph A.: 8:49
    Scott P.: dnf
    Jamie T.: 7:23 (14-lbs.; sub: mb push press, 8-ft. target)
    Dat D.: 7:51 (sub: mb squat jump)
    Roselena R.: 8:02 (sub: mb squat jump)
    Carter H.: 10:00
    Joe T.: 9:35
    Robert W.: 9:45 (14-lbs.)
    Jim D.: dnf
    Rocio Q.: dnf
    Melissa S.: dnf
    Chris H.: 8:39
    Nick D.: dnf
    Yoshi S.: dnf
    Graham G.: dnf
    Ricky B.: dnf
    David K.: 6: 44
    Alexis B.: 6:01 (10-lbs.; sub: 1/2x wall ball)
    May B.: 7:35
    Shawn J.: dnf
    Krishnan S.: 9:20 (14-lbs.)
    CJ D.: 4:02 (14-lbs.; sub: 2/3x wall ball)
    Wayne C.: 10:00 (14-lbs.)
    Stephen K.: 9:33
    Katie R.: 3:27 (10-lbs.; sub: 1/2x wall ball)

    1. Notes for today:
      –10-minute time limit
      –DNF Scores:
      Scott P.: 124
      Jim D.: 121
      Rocio Q.: 120 (10-lbs.)
      Melissa S.: 135 (10-lbs.; sub: mb push press)
      Nick D.: 139
      Yoshi S.: 125
      Graham G.: 139
      Shawn J.: 122 (14-lbs.)
      Ricky B.: 131 (14-lbs.)

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