Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Today, MPH says farewell to one of its finest—an original athlete and a coach—David O. It is with heaviness in our hearts that we watch him leave; we have been in denial about his departure since he told us a few weeks ago that he would be starting a new job in Reston, VA at the beginning of November. Dave has always given us his best as an athlete, making MPH a top priority in his extremely busy life. He has also been so appreciative of our coaching and community, and he’s been a natural leader, so it was a give we asked him to coach in July of last year. He has far exceeded our hopes with his enthusiasm and energy every morning. Additionally, to say that Dave has acted as our resident handyman since we opened is a gigantic understatement—he was head of construction when we opened, he planned and helped execute the demolition of the right wall in 2011, helped install the speaker system, and of course, is always on call to fix whatever needs fixing. In short, he will be greatly, greatly missed. 702, Condor, The Wodfather, please come back and visit us…all the time.

front squat

Compare results to August 4, 2011.

then, three rounds; rest amply between rounds:
max strict bodyrow
25x hollow rock

This workout is scored by the total strict bodyrows completed from all three rounds.