Wednesday, December 18, 2013


  1. Mrs. F | December 18, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    75,80,85,85x,85; 75,85,95×95

  2. Melody | December 19, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Matt H.: 95-95-95-lbs., 95-105-115-lbs.
    CJ D.: 105-110-115*-lbs., 95-105-115-lbs.
    Katie R.: 60-65-70-lbs., 55-65-65-lbs.
    Keena S.: 65-65-65-lbs., 55-65x-x-lbs.
    Sofia J.: 65-65-65-lbs., 70-75-80-lbs.
    Melissa S.: 50-50-50-lbs., 50-50-50-lbs.
    Derek B.: (sub: 20x banded lateral walk/side + 10x banded shoulder retraction + 20x mb sit-up + rotation, 7 rounds)
    Judy G.: (sub: 10x banded shoulder retraction + 5x single-arm power snatch + 10x pve power snatch)
    Brian K.: 65-70*-65-lbs., 65-75-80-lbs.
    Jason C.: 55-55-55-lbs., 75-75-85-lbs. (sub: hang power snatch)
    Kate H.: 55-60-65*-lbs., 65-75-85-lbs.
    Rocio Q.: 30-30-30-lbs., 35-40-45x-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Jeremy M.: 75-75-80*-lbs., 75-85-85-lbs.
    Roselena R.: 70-75-80-lbs., 75-85-95-lbs.
    Will L.: 115-lbs., 115-125-135-lbs. (sub: power snatch, btn push jerk)
    Johnny A.: 95-105-105-lbs., 115-125-135-lbs. (sub: power snatch, btn push press)
    Matthew W.: 125-135-135-lbs., 135-145-155-lbs. (sub: power snatch, btn push jerk)
    Ralph A.: 105-115-115-lbs., 105-115-125-lbs.
    Dat D.: 85-95-85-lbs., 95-105-115-lbs.
    Jon H.: 105-115-115x-lbs., 105-115x-105-lbs.
    Borja G.: 95-95-105-lbs., 105-115-125-lbs.
    Randy F.: 75-85-90-lbs., 85-85-85-lbs.
    Nick D.: 85-95x-95-lbs., 95-105-115-lbs.
    Mayra C.: 75-75x-65-lbs., 65-75-80-lbs.
    Dave R.: 190-200x-185-lbs., 195-200-205-lbs.
    Yoshi S.: 115-125-125-lbs., 125-130-130-lbs.
    Melody F.: 120-120-115-lbs., 130-135-140x-lbs.
    Jaime A.: 55-60-65-lbs., 55-60-65-lbs.
    Whitney M.: 65-65-65-lbs., 70-70-75-lbs.
    Rebekka E.: 115-lbs., 120-lbs.
    Katie K.: 50-50-50-lbs., 55-65-65x-lbs.
    John P.: 105-105-110-lbs., 125-130-135*-lbs.
    Alex M.: 120-125-130-lbs., 135*-145x-135x-lbs.
    Diego C.: 55-65-65-lbs., 15-15-15-lbs. (sub: hang power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Shawn J.: 75-75-75-lbs., 85-85-85-85*-lbs.
    Stephen K.: 85-85-90x-lbs., 90-95-100*-lbs.
    Lee P.: 85-85-90x-lbs., 90-95-100*-lbs.
    Ricky B.: 100-105-110-lbs., 90-95-100*-lbs.
    John Gr.: 85-90-90x-lbs., 75-75-85*-lbs.
    Graham G.: 75-75-80x-lbs., 65-65-65*-lbs.
    Buffy M.: 35-35-35*-lbs., 35-35-35-lbs. (sub: overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Christy P.: 135-140-140x-lbs., 135-145-145*-lbs.
    Chris H.: 160-165-170-lbs., 135-145-145*-lbs.
    Steve M.: 120-125-125-lbs., 125-135-140*-lbs.
    Shane B.: 35-35-35-lbs., 35-35-35-lbs. (sub: hang power snatch + overhead squat, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    John S.: 35-35-35-lbs., 35-35-35-lbs. (sub: hang power snatch + overhead squat, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    May B. 90-85-85-lbs., 95-105x-95*-lbs.
    Brett B.: 100-105-105-lbs., 105-110-115*-lbs.
    Sean F.: 85-85-90-lbs., 75-75-85*-lbs.
    Jim D.: 95-100-105-lbs., 105-110-115-lbs. (sub: power snatch, behind-the-neck jerk; 3-3-3)
    Brian W.: 55-65-65*-lbs., 25-25-25*-lbs. (sub: power snatch, overhead squat; 3-3-3)
    Abby B.: 35-40-40-lbs., 40-40-40*-lbs.
    Jaime T.: 15-15-15-lbs. (sub: power snatch + overhead squat; 3-3-3; 1 to 10 pushup + strict bodyrow)
    Diane N.: 65-65x-60-lbs., 65-70-75*-lbs.


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