Friday, March 14, 2014


  1. sofjaved | March 14, 2014 at 8:02 am

    OTB: this was my second day back in the gym since leaving MPH a couple weeks ago.

    Not for time:

    21 atomic pushups
    400m run (on a treadmill set at 9 km/h, a steady jog for me)
    15 atomic pushups
    400m run
    9 atomic pushups
    400m run

    I took it easy, sort of. Feels good to move again.


  2. b-kay | March 14, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    Matt H.: 8:36 (25-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Michael F.: 6:07 (sub: 200m run, 15-12-9)
    Christine F.: 9:25 (15-lb. dbs; sub: push press)
    Josh M.: 4:38 (sub: 200m run, 15-12-9)
    Jon H.: 7:18 (sub: 1/3x hspu, 200m run)
    Borja G.: 4:12 (sub: 1/3x hspu, 200m run)
    Brian T.: 10:08
    Keena S.: 8:30 (sub: 1/3x prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate + abmat, 200m run)
    Christine S.: 6:29 (sub: 1/3x hspu, 200m run)
    Cole M.: 11:45 (sub: 90″ plank hold, prom strict hspu, 1 x 15-lb. plate)
    Robert W.: 7:40 (sub: strict sit-up)
    Kate H.: 10:40 (15-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Julie G.: 9:23 (15-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Michael H.: 8:09 (25-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Ross B.: 7:58 (sub: 1/3 prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate)
    Teal B.: 6:55 (sub: 1/3x prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate + 10-lb. plate, 200m run)
    Mayra C.: 6:50 (sub: pushup, 200m run, 15-12-9)
    Neil A.: 5:15 (sub: 200m run, 1/3x hspu)
    Rebekka E.: 5:15 (sub: 200m run, 1/3x hspu)
    Johnny A.: 8:51 (25-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Drew P.: 7:11
    Francisco L.: 9:11 (25-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Brian K.: 12:54 (sub: prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate, 15-12-9)
    Will L.: 8:09 (30-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press, 90″ plank hold)
    Alissa G.: 4:11 (sub: 1/3x hspu, 200m run)
    Roselena R.: 5:05 (sub: 1/3x prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate, 200m run)
    Adrian P.: 5:43 (sub: 1/3x hspu, 200m run)
    Dave R.: 3:54 (sub: 200m run, 15-12-9)
    Yoshi S.: 4:14 (sub: 200m run, 1/3x hspu)
    Chris H.: 5:02 (sub: 200m run, 15-12-9)
    Kevin M.: 7:53 (30-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Bill M.: 7:55 (25-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press, 15-12-9)
    Chris C.: 5:56 (20-lb. mb; sub: pull-up, weighted sit-up)
    Shawn J.: 8:43 (25-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Diana D.: 10:09 (15-lb. dbs; sub: shoulder press)
    Joe T.: 11:35 (sub: prom hspu, 1 x 35-lb. plate, 15-12-9)
    Mark Co.: 9:12 (15-12-9)


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