for time:
deadlift @ 225-lbs.
chest-to-bar pull-up

Compare results to May 15, 2012.

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  1. –Scores–
    Matthew W.: 6:26 (155-lbs.)
    Michael F.: 10:21 (275-lbs.)
    Dave R.: 7:53
    Jon H.: 13:31 (185-lbs.)
    Jamie T.: 5:54 (205-lbs.; sub: 2x sit-up)
    Bill G.: 9:27
    Rebekka E.: 9:23 (155-lbs.)
    Mayra C.: 5:48 (135-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Kathryn J.: 8:27 (115-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Jamaal T.: 7:14 (65-lbs.; sub: 2/3x deadlift, 2/3x strict bodyrow)
    Jaclyn H.: 14:50 (135/115-lbs.; sub: 21/14, 10/7, jumping pull-up)
    Chris C.: 6:09 (45-lb. db; sub: tgu sit-up)
    Sean F.: 6:21
    Ricky B.: 7:33 (135-lbs.; sub: 2/3x pull-up)
    Brian K.: 10:07 (175-lbs.; sub: 2/3x strict pull-up)
    Melissa S.: 5:18 (sub: 2x squat, strict sit-up)
    Kit H.: 6:58 (205-lbs.; sub: 2x strict sit-up)
    Adrian P.: 11:16 (205-lbs.; sub: 2/3x ctb pull-up)
    Steve M.: 11:35 (185-lbs.)
    Roselena R.: 8:46 (135-lbs.; sub: 2/3x pull-up)
    Jim D.: 8:01 (155-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Matt Wa.: 10:01 (185-lbs.)
    Ty C.: 10:23 (155-lbs.; sub: 1/3x pull-up)
    Shawn J.: 8:10 (155-lbs.; sub: 1/3x jump to pull-up)

  2. –Barbell Team Scores–
    muscle snatch, 3x 3
    muscle clean + shoulder press, 3x 3
    front squat, 5x 2
    clean deadlift, 5x 2
    bent-over row, 5x 3
    2x 50 anchored sit-up

    Neil A.: x, 235-lbs., 120-lbs. (sub: 2x 20 incline bridge, 3x 5/side step-up @ 25-lb. dbs)
    Mark Co.: 230-lbs., 235-lbs., 160-lbs.
    Terry M.: 190-lbs., 190-lbs., 115-lbs.
    Josh M.: 200-lbs., 225-lbs., 125-lbs.
    James H.: 175-lbs., 225-lbs., 135-lbs.
    Teal B.: 175-lbs., 185-lbs., 95-lbs.
    Alissa G.: 155-lbs., 175-lbs. (sub: 5x 5-7 true strict bodyrow)

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