Thursday, June 26, 2014


  1. Mrs. F | June 26, 2014 at 9:15 am

    95,100,105x; 85,85,85 form before ego. I was not pulling into the jumping position as well as I should have been.

  2. b-kay | June 26, 2014 at 10:33 am

    –Barbell Team Scores–
    snatch, 5x 1
    clean and jerk, 5x 1
    barbell lunge, 3x 10 (alt total)

    Drew P.: 208*-lbs., 260*-lbs., 115-lbs.
    Yoshi S.: 161*-lbs., 195-lbs., 115-lbs.
    Alex M.: 145*-lbs., 210-lbs., 55-lb. dbs (sub: power snatch, clean)
    Mark Co.: 120-lbs., 200-lbs., x
    Ralph B.: 128*-lbs., 170lbs., 130-lbs.
    Shawn C.: 110-lbs., 170-lbs., 50-lb. dbs (sub: clean)
    Joe T.: 120-lbs., 160*-lbs., 130-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Alissa G.: 115-lbs., 145-lbs.

  3. Melody | June 26, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    Brian T.: 130-135x-135-lbs., 15r/10l/12r/9l (sub: max sls, 2 rounds)
    Dat D.: 120-125-130x-lbs., 165-175-175-lbs.
    CJ D.: 125-130-135*-lbs., 150-150-150-lbs.
    Matt H.: 105-110-116*-lbs., 150-150-150-lbs.
    Mayra C.: 70-70-75x-lbs., 105-105-105-lbs.
    Katie R.: 80-85-85*-lbs., 105-105-105-lbs.
    Sara R.: 70*-75x-75x-lbs., 85-85-85-lbs.
    Blaine P.: 75-80-80-lbs., 85-85-85-lbs. (sub: power snatch + overhead squat)
    Derek B.: 175-175-175-lbs. (sub: 3RM back squat, 3″ pause, sls practice)
    Cole M.: 150-155x-145-lbs., 21, 11, 9, 7, 8 (sub: shoulder press, max ring pushup, 5 rounds)
    Ralph A.: 125-130-130-lbs., 150-150-150-lbs.
    Ryan L.: 135-135-140*-lbs., 150-150-150-lbs.
    Neil A.: 150-150-150x-lbs., 185-185-185-lbs. (sub: power snatch)
    Buffy M.: 75-80*-70-lbs., 7, 8, 8, 9, 11 (sub: shoulder press, max pushup, 5 rounds)
    Ricky B.: 110-110-110-lbs., 115-135-145-lbs.
    Mark L.: 115-122-128*-lbs, 115-135-150-lbs.
    Jason C. 95-95*-85-lbs., 135-135-145-lbs.
    Walt C.: 75-75-80*-lbs., 85-85-95-lbs.
    James W.: 90-95-95*-lbs., 105-115-115-lbs.
    Jaclyn H.: 35-40x-35-lbs., 55-65-75-lbs.
    Katie K.: 65-70x-65-lbs. (sub: shoulder press; 3-3-3; mb pushup; 8-8-8)
    Candida M.: 45-50-55x-lbs., 55-65-75-lbs.
    Steve M.: 148-150x-150*-lbs., 155-165-175-lbs.
    James H.: 115-120-125-lbs., 145-155-165-lbs.
    Kit H.: 205-205-205*-lbs., 155-165-175-lbs. (sub: clean; 1-1-1)
    Shane B.: 120-125-130*-lbs., 135-145-155-lbs.
    Brett B.: 115-120*-125x-lbs., 135-145-155-lbs.
    Graham G.: 92-95x-95x-lbs., 100-115-115-lbs.
    Jim D.: 88-92x-90*-lbs., 100-115-115-lbs.
    Chris H.: 185-187x-187*-lbs., 185-205-205-lbs.
    Josh M.: 155x-155-160*-lbs., 185-195-195-lbs.
    Wayne C.: 75-75-75-lbs., 100-115-115-lbs.
    Krishnan S.: 95-98-101*-lbs., 100-115-115-lbs.
    Brian K.: 90x-90-90-lbs., 100-115-115-lbs.


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