Saturday, August 16, 2014


  1. Melody | August 16, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    Dave R.: 225-225-235x-215-215-lbs.
    Chris C.: 195-210-225-225-230*-lbs.
    Borja G.: 175-195-200-205*-210x-lbs.
    Jon H.: 165x-165*-170x-155-155-lbs.
    Jared H.: 185x-185*-190x-190x-175-lbs.
    Mayra C.: 95-100-105x-105x-100-lbs.
    John L.: 105-105-105-105-105*-lbs. (sub: push jerk; 2-2-2)
    Jim D.: 135-145-150-155-160*-lbs.
    Robert W.: 115-120-120-125-125*-lbs.
    Sofia J.: 40-40-40-40-40-lbs. (sub: single-arm push jerk; 5-5-5)
    Kate H.: 50-50-50-50-50-lbs. (sub: single-arm push jerk; 5-5-5)
    Lisa C.: 95-105*-110x-95-95-lbs. (sub: push press; 1-1-1)
    Joanna T.: 85-95-105*-85-75-lbs.
    CJ D.: 185-195-205-215x-215*-lbs.
    Melody F.: 165-170-175*-177x-160-lbs.
    Abby B.: 105-110-115-120*-125x-lbs.
    Jeremy M.: 165-175-180-185x-185x-lbs.
    Matt J.: 180-185-190-195-200-lbs.
    Ralph B.: 165-175x-175-180*-165-lbs.
    Marcel S.: 185-195-205-215-220*-lbs.
    Rob C.: 135-135-135-135-135*-lbs.
    Brian K.: 125-135-145*-150x-150x-lbs.
    Steve M.: 165-175-180*-185x-165x-lbs.
    John P.: 165-175-180*-185x-165x-lbs.
    Rebekka E.: 90x-80-85-90-90-lbs. (sub: shoulder press; 1-1-1)
    Francisco L.: 95-100-105-110-115*-lbs.
    Josh M.: 165-175-185-190x-175-lbs.
    Drew P.: 215-225-235-245-255*-lbs.
    Joe P.: 205-215-215-215-205-lbs.

  2. drewpfield | August 16, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Boo… looks like they skipped our bar Josh M and Joe P!?

    • drewpfield | August 16, 2014 at 3:24 pm

      (I knew Mel was mad when she started throwing hot coffee at us!)

  3. b-kay | August 16, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    –Barbell Team Scores–
    7′ EMOM: 2x low hang squat clean
    snatch + snatch balance, 5x 1
    overhead squat, 3x 2
    behind-the-neck split jerk, 3x 1
    dip holds, 3x 1
    RDL’s, 2x 10

    Neil A.: 170-lbs., 145-lbs., 135-lbs., 200-lbs., 235-lbs., 45-lbs. (sub: low hang power clean, power clean + btn jerk)
    Yoshi S.: 165-lbs., x, x, 125-lbs., x (sub: shoulder press, 2RM)
    Alissa G.: 125-lbs., 100-lbs., 130-lbs., 150-lbs., 205-lbs., 45-lbs.


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