Thursday, October 2, 2014


  1. b-kay | October 2, 2014 at 11:06 am

    –Barbell Team Scores–
    low hang squat snatch from blocks, 3x 2 @ 70-75% (extension & speed!)
    low hang squat snatch from blocks, 3x 2 @ 70-75% (extension & speed!)
    back squat, 3x 3 @ 85-90%
    split jerk, 3x 2 @ 85-90%
    1x 10 good morning
    1x 7/side windshield wipers

    Mark Co.: 95-lbs., 125-lbs., 215-lbs., 135-lbs.

  2. Melody | October 2, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Katie R.: 4:56 (sub: 10x weighted step-up, w 25-lb. dbs/20″ box, goblet squat, strict sit-up, box ump, 20″)
    Jon H.: 110-110x-110-lbs., 8:10 (55-lbs.)
    Ralph A.: 155-175-165x-lbs., 7:27 (45-lbs.; sub: 2/3x pull-up)
    Brian T.: 110-125x-115-lbs., 5:51 (45-lbs.)
    Donal O.: 75-75-70-lbs., 8:01 (55-lbs.; sub: russian swing)
    Borja G.: 110-125-115-lbs., 7:06
    Ryan L.: 110-125x-115*-lbs., 7:16 (45-lbs.; sub: 2/3x pull-up)
    Christine S.: 90-95x-90-lbs., 6:46 (35-lbs.)
    Keena S.: 75-80-80x-lbs., 6:38 (35-lbs.; sub: strict bodyrow)
    Katie K.: 65-70x-65x-lbs., 8:43 (35-lbs.; sub: 2/3x jump to pull-up)
    Jon D.: 75-80-80*-lbs., 7:47 (35-lbs.; sub: 2/3x strict pull-up)
    Sara R.: 70-70-70-lbs., 7:19 (35-lbs.; sub: 2/3x jump to pull-up)
    Bill M.: 90-90-90-lbs., 5:46 (35-lbs.; sub: jump to pull-up)
    Johnny A.: 120x-110-115-lbs., 7:11 (45-lbs.; sub: 2/3x jump to pull-up)
    Jaime A.: 80-80-85x-lbs., 8:47
    Lisa C.: 75-75-80x-lbs., 6:59 (35-lbs.; sub: strict bodyrow)
    Ross B.: 135-145x-140-lbs., 7:08 (45-lbs.; sub: 2/3x jump to pull-up)
    Kyle S.: 105-115*-115-lbs., 6:20 (35-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
    James W.: 110-115*-120x-lbs., 7:43 (35-lbs.; sub: strict bodyrow)
    Diana D.: 55-60-55-lbs., 7:45 (25-lbs.; sub: 2/3x jump to pull-up)
    McKinlee H.: 75-80-80-lbs., 9:14 (45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
    Michael F.: 145-155-145-lbs., 5:21
    Shawn J.: 95-97-97-lbs., 8:21
    Ted D.: 90-95x-90-lbs., 6:31 (45-lbs.; sub: russian swing, pull-up)
    Mary T.: 25-25-25-lb. dbs, 7:49 (45-lbs.; sub: pull-up)
    Rocio Q.: 50-50-50-lbs., 6:43 (25-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Chris C.: 37″-37″-37″, 4:40 (10-lbs.; sub: max height box jump, 3-3-3; standing long jump, 6′, single-leg squat, weighted sit-up)
    Bill G.: 155-150-150-lbs., 7:38
    Chris H.: 155-165-165-lbs., 6:39
    Jim D.: 7:20, 115-130x-120-lbs. (45-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
    James H.: 130x-120-125-lbs. 6:08 (sub: 2x hollow rock)
    Graham G.: 95-95-95-lbs., 5:55 (45-lbs.; sub: 2x hollow rock)
    Kate D.: 90-90-90-lbs., 5:28
    Walt C.: 7:52 (45-lbs.; sub: 1/2x pull-up)
    Dave B.: 110-115-115*-lbs., 7:43
    Candida M.: 65-70x-75-lbs., 6:28
    Diane N.: 70x-70-70*-lbs., 7:13
    John P.: 115*-115x-105-lbs., 6:35
    Set S.: 65-70*-72x-lbs., 7:44 (35-lbs.; sub: jumping pull-up)
    Abby K.: 65-65-65*-lbs., 6:43 (35-lbs.; sub: strict bodyrow)
    CJ D.: 145-150-155x-lbs. 8:51
    Francisco L.: 105-110-115*-lbs., 9:23 (35-lbs.; sub: pull-up)


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