Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

in teams of three, for time:
row 5000m
150x box jump-over, 18″ platform
150x pull-up (strict bodyrow)

Teams may partition the work in any way.

for time:
run 2000m
50x tuck jump
50x *pull*

Post score to comments.

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  1. MPH | February 25, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    “Nap Time”: 22:23
    Jon H.
    Sara R.
    Kevin M.

    “Jamie’s Juggernauts”: 19:23
    Blaine P.
    Borja G.
    Jamie T.

    “Amy’s Boys”: 20:48
    Adrian P.
    Matthew W.
    Amy S.

    “Don’t Care”: 21:22
    Drew P.
    Hari P.
    CJ D.: (sub: step-up overs)

    “Brooklyn”: 23:51
    Patrick P.
    Cortney H.: (sub: step-up overs, strict bodyrow)
    Sherry G.: (sub: strict bodyrow)

    “Fab 4”: 18:33 (sub: 6600m row, 200x box jump overs, 200x pull-up)
    Kate H.: (sub: step-up overs, strict bodyrow)
    David G.: (sub: step-up overs, strict bodyrow)
    Astrid V.: (sub: step-up overs, strict bodyrow)
    Tracey S.: (sub: strict bodyrow)

    “BAM!”: 22:58
    Bill G.
    Alex M.
    Mayra C.: (sub: strict bodyrow)

    “Heteroskadasticity”: 19:08
    Dave R.
    Michael F.
    David S.

    “Get It Done”: 17:07 (sub: 6600m row, 200x box jump overs, 200x pull-up)
    McKinlee H.
    John Gr.: (sub: strict bodyrow)
    Kyle S.
    Ralph A.

    “Junior Varsity”: 21:03
    Chris H.
    Kelly G.
    Dave R.

    “Amateur Hour”: 19:09
    Sean F.
    Chris C.
    Dat D.

    “AKBK”: 17:02 (sub: 3300m row, 100x box jump overs, 100x pull-up)
    Rebekka E.: (sub: squat, 10x strict pull-up + bodyrow)
    Abby K.: (sub: strict bodyrow)

    “Smooth Operators”: 20:25 (sub: 100x pull-up)
    Sean Mi.
    Cristian D.
    Ross B.

    “Row ^Squared”: 20:56
    Joanna T.: (sub: strict bodyrow)
    John L.: (sub: strict bodyrow)
    Brett B.: (sub: strict bodyrow)

    “A Team”: 20:58
    Brian K.
    Michael H.
    James H.

    “Track Marks” 21:33
    Francisco L.
    Randy F.
    Joe T.

    “Team Tank” 18:26
    Josh M.:
    Mark Co.:
    John P.:

    “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” 23:09
    Gilbert C.
    Tara S.
    Krishnan S.

    “Fantastic Four”: 17:10 sub: (sub: 6600m row, 200x box jump overs, 200x strict body row)
    Zaid A.: (sub: strict bodyrow)
    Luke B.: (sub: strict bodyrow)
    Jamaal T.: (sub: strict bodyrow, box step-over)
    Brandt M.: (sub: strict bodyrow)


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