power clean

Compare results to July 21, 2011.

as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
suitcase deadlift (alternating, total)

Post score to comments.

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  1. –Scores–
    Borja G.: 195-195-195-lbs.
    Brian T.: (sub: 1x strict muscle-up + 5x burpee; 25′ emom)
    Teal B.: 135-140*-145x-lbs.
    Christine F.: 75-77-79*-lbs
    Steve M.: 175-185*-185x-lbs.
    Ross B.: 185-185*-190x-lbs.
    Shawn J.: 135-140x-130-lbs.
    Brian G.: 185-195x-185*-lbs.
    Kate H.: 105*-107x-95-lbs.
    Tara S.: 105-110*-110x-lbs.
    Bill M.: 110-115*-120x-lbs.
    Patrick P. 145-155-155*-lbs.
    Tracey S.: 110-115-115-lbs.
    Anna G.: 70-75*-65-lbs.
    Drew P.: 245-255*-240x-lbs.
    Ralph B.: 175-180x-170-lbs.
    Devon H.: 125-135-145*-lbs.
    Ty C.: 175-180-185*-lbs.
    Cristian D.: 155-165*-170x-lbs.
    Sara R.: 120*-125x-115-lbs.
    Blaine P.: 190-200-205*-lbs.
    David G.: 95-105-115*-lbs.
    Diane N.: 105-115-117*-lbs.
    Candida M.: 92x-92*-95x-lbs.
    Walt C.: 135-145-145*-lbs.
    Mayra C.: 117x-105-117*-lbs.
    James F.: 135-145*-155x-lbs.
    Mark Co.: 205x-185-195-lbs.
    Chris T.: 185-185-190x-lbs.
    Randy F.: 140-145*-145-lbs.
    Ken F.: (sub: 5x pushup + 7x strict bodyrow + max plank hold, 5 rounds)
    Keriann G.: 95-95-95*-lbs.
    Lisa C.: 115-115-120x-lbs.
    Gilbert C.: 230x-230-235*-lbs.
    Chris H.: 235-241-246*-lbs.
    Jason C.: 170-175-180*-lbs.
    Ted D.: 145-150-150*-lbs.
    Jaime A.: 125-135*-140x-lbs.
    Abby K.: 105-110x-105*-lbs.
    Sherry G.: 65-65-65*-lbs.
    Brian W.: 125-130-135*-lbs.
    Neil A.: 175-175-175-lbs.
    Brett B.: 180*-185x-170x-lbs.
    Josh M.: 175-180x-180x-lbs.
    Francisco L.: 155x-155x-155*-lbs.
    Jim D.: 155-160*-160x-lbs.
    Katie R.: 140-145x-145*-lbs.
    Ran B.: 105-105-105*-lbs.
    MaryEllen M.: 85-90-90*-lbs.
    Sean M.: 125-125-125*-lbs.
    Zaid A.: 115-115-125*-lbs.
    John P.: 210x-205-210-lbs.
    Astrid V.: 75-80-85*-lbs.
    Bill G.: 185-205-210-lbs.
    John G.: 270-275x-2758-lbs.
    Dave R.: 250-256x-256*-lbs.
    Michael F.: 215-225x-225-lbs.
    Joe P.: 235-240x-240*-lbs.
    Jason O.: 240x-240*-245x-lbs.
    Jamie T.: 200-205*-210x-lbs.
    Brian K.: 180-185-190*-lbs.
    John Gr.: 165-170-175*-lbs.
    Alissa G.: 135-135-135-lbs.
    Alexis P.: 95-95-95-lbs.
    Kyle S.: 155-160-165*-lbs.

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