Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

***Important Announcement***
New MPH Apparel!

Our line of MPH gear has expanded! Please note that all merchandise will be pre-order ONLY. PRE-ORDER PERIOD ENDS ON SATURDAY, MARCH 21. We can only accept cash (change available) and personal checks for these items. After this initial order period, we will stock a limited supply of t-shirts for future orders.


  • T-shirts (men’s and women’s styles): $25
  • Hoodies: $45
  • Sweatpants (men’s and women’s styles): $40
  • Snap back, trucker-style embroidered hats: $20

three rounds for time:
400m run
25x box jump, 24/20″ platform
15x toes-to-bar
5x rope climb, 12-ft.

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  1. MPH | March 12, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Kevin K.: 14:50 (20″; sub: TTA, 1/5x rope climb)
    Sara R.: 17:05 (sub: TTA, 1/5x rope climb)
    Randy F.: 17:07 (20″; sub: 3/5x box jump, sit-up, strict bodyrow)
    Jon H.: 20:46 (sub: 3/5x rope climb)
    Borja G.: 18:46
    Erin C.: 16:49 (sub: 3/5x box jump, hanging knee raise, strict bodyrow)
    Brian T.: 16:56 (sub: step-up)
    Kate H.: 18:06 (sub: 200m run, step-up, strict bodyrow, no rope climb)
    Hari P.: 15:19 (sub: TTA, 2/5x rope climb)
    Patrick P.: 14:29 (sub: hanging knee raise,1/5x rope climb)
    Tracey S.: 20:05 (sub: 3/5x box jump, 18″, hanging knee raise, strict bodyrow)
    Dave B.: 16:50 (sub: 2/3x TTB, 2/5x rope climb)
    Ross B.: 16:08 (sub: TTA, 1/5x rope climb)
    John N.: 18:26 (sub: sit-up, strict bodyrow)
    Dave K.: 22:32
    Michael Fo.: 19:28 (sub: 3/5x box jump, hanging knee raise, jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    David G.: 16:46 (sub: TTA, 1/5x rope climb)
    Joe P.: 21:57 (sub: TTA, 1/5x rope climb)
    Adrian P.: 24:07 (sub: 2/3x TTB, 2/5x rope climb)
    Lisa C.: 19:47 (sub: row, 2/5x box jump, 3/5x step up, hanging knee raise, strict pull-up)
    Holmes H.: 16:09 (sub: TTA, 2/5x rope climb)
    Michael F.: 17:34
    Jason O.: 16:49
    Dave R.: 21:09 (sub: 3/5x rope climb)
    Alissa G.: 19:05 (sub: 1/3x TTB)
    Melody F.: 21:34
    Diana D.: 18:43 (sub: superman, standing long jump)
    Jamie T.: 20:40 (sub: TTA, 3/5x rope climb)
    Kyle S.: 16:18 (sub: strict TTB, no rope climb)
    Chris C.: 15:59 (sub: 5/3x pike-up)
    Abby K.: 15:45 (sub: hanging knee raise, 2/3x strict bodyrow)
    James H.: 18:53
    Christine S.: 21:26
    Sherry G.: 14:03 (18″; sub: hanging knee raise, 2/3x strict bodyrow)
    David S.: 15:29
    Ted D.: 20:59 (sub: toes-to-anywhere)
    Cristian D.: 22:12 (sub: 2/5x rope climb + 5x strict pull-up)
    Sean F.: 15:26
    Brian K.: 21:45
    Walt C.: (sub: 2/3x toes-to-bar, 3/5x rope climb)
    Abby B.: 24:27 (sub: 3/5x box jump, knees to chest, strict bodyrow)
    Francisco L.: 22:53 (sub: toes-to-anywhere, 3/5x rope climb)
    Candida M.: 21:19 (sub: 2/3x toes-to-anywhere, 3/5x rope climb)
    Devon H: 15:28 (sub: knees-to-chest)
    Shane B.: 21:23 (sub: 2/3x toes-to-bar, 2/5x rope climb)
    Brandt M.: 20:06 (sub: knees-to-chest, 1/5x rope climb + 7x strict pull-up
    Roselena R: 17:23 (sub: knees-to-chest, 2/5x rope climb)
    Zaid A.: 21:12 (sub: 40x walking lunge, step-up, pike-up, strict bodyrow)
    Krishnan S.: 22:01 (sub: 2/5x rope climb)
    Luke B.: 18:35 (sub: knees-to-chest, 2/5x rope climb)
    Stephen K.: 21:27
    Mark Co.: 21:23
    John P.: 18:11


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