Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CrossFit MPH – WOD


Gilbert C.: 8:10 (sub: 2x single-leg squat, 2x pike-up)
Teal B.: 14:22 (sub: 2x single-leg squat, 1.5x v-up)
Matt H.: 11:02 (sub: 2/3x muscle-up)
Chad A.: 13:25 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red + green, pushup/knee pushup)
Donal O.: 10:32 (sub: 1/5x pull-up, 1.5x deficit pushup)
Joe T.: 11:38
Ralph A.: 13:13 (sub: 35x pull-up, 1.5x deficit pushup)
Dave O.: 19:29 (sub: 50x pull-up, 50x pushup, 50x bench dip)
Judy G.: ? (sub: 5' muscle-up attempts + 15x strict pull-up + 15x ring dip)
Jon H.: 11:26
Blaine P.: 9:45
Josh M.: 13:44
Adrian P.: 20:00 (sub: 13' jumping muscle-up practice + 15x strict pull-up + 15x ring dip)
Melody F.: 25:21 (sub: 8' strict muscle-up practice + 20x strict false-grip pull-up + 20x strict ring dip)
Ross B.: 10:40 (sub: 2x prom sls, 1.5x pike-up)
Steve M.: 16:41 (sub: 2/3x muscle-up)
Sherry G.: 15:00 (sub: 25x pull-up, 25x incline pushup)
Patrick P.: 16:40 (sub: 1.5x strict pull-up, ring dip)
Chris T.: 10:23 (sub: 2/3x muscle-up)
Hari P.: 13:33 (sub: 8' muscle-up practice + 20x strict pull-up + 20x strict ring dip)
Anna G.: 9:27 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, green, incline pushup)
Rob C.: 14:33 (sub: 18/30x muscle-up)
Buffy M.: 14:35 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue, true bench dip)
Ida N.: 14:20 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue/green, true bench dip)
Scott W.: 9:53 (sub: 1.5x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue, 1.5x true bench dip)
David G.: 15:22 (sub: pull-up, banded ring dip)
Dave R.: 6:11
Drew P.: 5:14
Bill G.: 16:00 (sub: jumping muscle-up + 10x false-grip strict pull-up)
Kelly G.: 18:00 (sub: 10x jumping muscle-up + muscle-up attempts)
Christine S.: 16:35 (sub: 2/3x muscle-up)
Amy S.: 17:02 (sub: 2/3x muscle-up)
Brian K.: 19:16
Chris H.: 8:14
Chris C.: 10:00
David S.: 5:42
Jason C.: 7:03 (sub: 1/2x muscle-up)
James H.: 7:58
CJ D.: 44 (sub: 10' muscle-up practice + 10' amrap of 5x strict pull-up + 5x ring dip)
Cristian D.: 32 (sub: 10' muscle-up practice + 10' amrap of 5x strict pull-up + 5x ring dip)
Katie R.: 19:19 (sub: 2/3x strict pull-up, 1/3x strict prom ring dip)
Walt C.: 16:55 (sub: strict pull-up, strict ring dip)
Rebekka E.: 15:54 (sub: 1/2x strict pull-up, 1/2x strict ring dip)
Jamie T.: 18:31 (sub: 31/30x strict ring dip progression)
Shawn J.: 15:05 (sub: 4/3x strict pull-up, 4/3x static dip)
Mayra C.: 11:18 (sub: 2x strict bodyrow, 3/2x pushup)
Brian W.: 9:01 (sub: 3/2x strict bodyrow, 3/2x pushup)
Abby K.: 14:09 (sub: 3/2x jump-stretch strict pull-up, green + red, 3/2x pushup)
Roselena R.: 9:47 (sub: strict bodyrow, pushup)
MaryEllen M.: 13:45 (sub: 3/2x strict bodyrow, incline pushup)
Sean F.: 5:59
John P.: 15:30, 4 rounds (sub: 10' muscle-up attempts + 5' amrap [5x false grip strict pull-up + 5x ring dip])
Stephen K.: 13:46
Mark Co.: 28 (sub: 7/30x muscle-up + 5' amrap [5x strict false grip pull-up + 5x ring dip])
Michael H.: 13:03 (sub: 2/3x muscle-up)
Ryan L.: 20:00 (sub: strict pull-up, 1/3x strict ring dip)
Randy F.: 125 (sub: 15'' amrap [10 bodyrow, 10 wall Y, 5 shoulder banded rotation])
Emmy A.: 16:15 (sub: strict pull-up, strict static dip)
Jim D.: 20:20 (sub: strict pull-up, strict ring dip)
Ken: 14:00 (sub: 2/3x strict pull-up, 2/3x ring dip negatives)