Thursday, May 21, 2015

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  1. MPH | May 21, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    “Team Condor”: 24:45
    Dave O.
    Kevin K.: (55-lbs.)
    Paul S.: (35-lbs.)

    “Washed Up”: 24:06
    Joe T.
    Dave K.

    “Great Lakes”: 22:47
    Ross B.: (75-lbs.)
    David G.: (75-lbs.; sub: power clean only)

    “Pink Ladies”: 27:50
    Sherry G.: (35-lbs.)
    Anna G.: (35-lbs.)

    “Ladies in Grey”: 17:48
    Kate H.: (20-lb. dbs; sub: hang power clean + push press, no pushup burpee)
    Astrid V.: (35-lbs.)

    “BAM”: 27:42
    Bill M.: (55-lbs.)
    Adrian P.: (65-lbs.)
    McKinlee H.

    “Team Porterham”: 23:03
    Drew P.
    Ralph B.

    “Hips & Guac”: 19:26
    Melody F.
    Alissa G.

    “Epic-lemon”: 21:01
    John Gr.: (75-lbs.)
    Josh M.

    “Team Old School: 18:01
    Dave S.
    Sean F.

    “For Men Only: 17:41
    Kit H.: (75-lbs.)
    Michael H.: (75-lbs.)

    “Dang It”: 20:52
    Rebekka E.:
    Dat D.: (65-lbs.)

    “J-Amy”: 21:17
    Jamie A.:
    Amy S.:

    “Burpee Jerky Boyz”: 24:01
    Brian W.: (55-lbs.; sub: 1x and 2/3x power clean + front squat)
    Cristian D.: (65-lbs.)

    “Three Amigos”: 21:01
    Dave B.: (65-lbs.)
    Sam B.: (35-lbs.; sub: 2/3x clean and jerk)
    Doug K.: (35-lbs.; sub: 2/3x clean and jerk)

    “Oh S$%@!”: 21:40
    Teal B.: (sub: 7/15x clean + front squat, 3/4x burpee)
    Alexis P.: (45-lbs.; sub: 1/2x run, 2/3x clean and jerk, 3/4x burpee)
    “Shinola”: 24:45
    John P.:
    James F.: (65-lbs.)


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