Friday, June 5, 2015

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  1. MPH | June 5, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    Drew P.: 10 rounds + 2x burpee
    Ralph B.: 7 rounds + 7x burpee
    Devon H.: 5 rounds, 3 bar muscle-ups (sub: 3x bar muscle-up attempts/round, 40″ max double under)
    Emma K.: 7 rounds + 10x burpee (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red/blue, 40″ max double under)
    James H.: 5 rounds + 3x double under
    Adrian P.: 7 rounds (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up, 40″ max double under)
    Holmes H.: 7 rounds (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up, 40″ max double under)
    Bill G.: 9 rounds (sub: strict ctb pull-up/hips-to-bar)
    Ty C.: 7 rounds (sub: strict pull-up/pull-up, 40″ max double under)
    Alissa G.: 8 rounds (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up)
    Jason C.: 6 rounds + 2x double under (sub: 1/2x bar muscle-up/3x attempts)
    Sara R.: 6 rounds + 8x burpee (sub: strict pull-up/1/2x jumping bar muscle-up)
    Patrick P.: 7 rounds + 2x jumping bar muscle-up (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up, 1/2x double under)
    Dave R.: 7 rounds + 5x burpee (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up, 40″ max double under)
    Brian G.: 5 rounds + 6x burpee (sub: strict pull-up)
    Brynjar I.: 8 rounds
    Rebekka E.: 5 rounds + 4x burpee (sub; strict pull-up)
    Tara S.: 6 rounds + 2x jumping muscle-up (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up)
    Anna G.: 5 rounds + 4x burpee (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up green/10″ cob hold + band, 40″ max double under)
    Cristian D.: 6 rounds + 5x double under (sub: strict pull-up, 1/2x double under)
    Dave K.: 10 rounds
    Borja G.: 5 rounds + 8x double under, 3x bar muscle-up (sub: 1/2x bar muscle-up/3x attempts)
    Matt H.: 4 rounds + 18x sit-up (sub: 1/2x bar muscle-up, weighted sit-up w 25-lb. plate)
    Christine S.: 7 rounds + 4x burpee (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up)
    Ralph A.: 5 rounds (sub: ctb pull-up, 40″ max double under)
    Jason J.: 9 rounds (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, thin green/10″ cob hold, 40″ max double under)
    John P.: 6 rounds (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up)
    Sean F.: 8 rounds + 6x burpee
    Dave R.: 8 rounds + 3x double under (sub: muscle-up)
    David S.: 10 rounds + 8x double under
    Matthew W.: 11 rounds
    Dat D.: 12 rounds + 2x bar muscle-up
    David G.: 7 rounds (strict pull-up/pull-up)
    Amy S.: 6 rounds (sub: 1/2x bar muscle-up, weighted sit-up with 15-lb. plate)
    Bill M.: 8 rounds + 2x hips-to-bar (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up, 40″ max double under)
    McKinlee H.: 5 rounds + 8x double under (sub: hips-to-bar/jumping bar muscle-up)
    John L.: 6 rounds + 10x burpee (sub: strict pull-up/ctb pull-up)
    Walt C.: 7 rounds + 2x pull-up (sub: jump-to-pull-up/pull-up, 40″ max double under)
    Blaine P.: 8 rounds
    Mark Co.: 6 rounds + 1x burpee (sub: 1/2x bar muscle-up)


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